Best Hairspray For Synthetic Hair

July 27, 2018

Finding a good hairspray is much like trying to choose a favorite movie. There's a ton of great ones, but everyone has a favorite! Some people like a hairspray that with a firm hold and others prefer a hairspray that allows the hair to move naturally while still providing a light hold on their hairstyle. There are so many great hairspray options when it comes to human hair, but did you know that you shouldn't be using regular hairspray on your synthetic hair extensions, wigs, and hairpieces?

It's true! Using hairspray created for human hair can be very damaging to synthetic hair, which is why there is hairspray that is specifically created for synthetic hair.


Synthetic hair requires different styling and care products than human hair. | Shop All Synthetic Hair Extensions  

In a perfect world, we would be able to use our favorite everyday hairspray for human hair on all of our synthetic extensions and wigs, but all that will do is diminish the lifespan of our alternative hair... and we definitely don't want to do that! In order to ensure that we maximize the longevity of our synthetic hairpieces, we must have all of the tools to do so. The good news is that Beautimark has created a toxic-free hairspray that can actually be used on both human hair and synthetic hair! This is perfect for those of us that like to use hairspray on our extensions after putting them on because the product is most likely going to end up on our bio-hair and synthetic hair during styling. 

Extend the life and beauty of your synthetic hair with BeautiMark™ Paraben-Free Hair Care Products.

While there are other brands of synthetic hairspray on the market, Beautimark's is our favorite for quite a few reasons! The Style & Hold Hairspray is not tested on animals, it comes in a non-aeresol bottle (safe for the environment!), and it provides a long lasting hold that will not leave your hair feeling crunchy or stiff. This special hairspray is part of Beautimark's synthetic hair care line that has been designed to give your synthetic wigs, extensions and hair pieces maximum wearability. 

5pc Care System for Synthetic Hair | Shop


What's your favorite hairspray for synthetic hair?

Please note*: Our guest writers share their opinions and experiences and we appreciate them!  

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