Bun & Done

January 04, 2018

Let me just start off by saying buns are the absolute BEST. They can be styled to be fancy or casual, they can hide dirty hair, AND they are simple and fast! I don’t think I need to say anymore to convince you that I am a big fan of buns, but if you’re still skeptical...here are some beautiful bun styles that will surely have you wearing buns every day of the week:

Elegant Ballerina Bun

Buns can be dressed up for a formal fashion-forward style if you do it right! Use a little gel or hairspray and comb up your hair into a high bun. Make sure to brush out all of the bumps to create a smooth and sleek look. The hardest part is getting your bun to look perfect, but with our bun pieces you don't have to worry about it because they'll do it for you! Use the Ballerina Bun by Revlon to complete this polished look. Just a last little spritz of hairspray and you’re ready to throw on your gorgeous dress and head to your fancy event!

Half-up Bun

If you can’t decide between putting your hair up or keeping it down, just do both! This half-up bun hairstyle is pretty, easy, and perfect for a day out. Start by taking the top half of your hair and give it a little tease back to add that stunning volume. Pull the top back into a ponytail, leaving some pieces down on the sides to frame your face. Wrap the ponytail into a bun, pin it off, then slightly pull on it to create a full and loose look. If you are bun-challenged like I am and can never seem to get a decent looking bun, then try one of our bun pieces on our website!

Messy Bun

This lovely lazy look is the best for those days when you’re needing a cute but casual style. Although messy buns are supposed to seem like an effortless hairstyle, they end up taking way longer than expected to achieve that perfect "messy look." With our wide variety of bun pieces, this effortless-looking style will actually be as easy as it looks. Pair this style with your favorite graphic tee and you’re ready to run some errands and take on the day!

Double Buns

Fun festivals, parties, and events need an equally exciting hairstyle to match. Double buns are the perfect way to unleash your wild side! Start by parting your hair right down the middle and then pull both sides up into even high ponytails. Wrap the ponytails into buns and then unleash your personality by adding sparkles, stars, hair dye, or even braids! The options are endless so have some fun with these buns!

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