Celeb-inspired Styles

October 17, 2017

We all have our favorite celebrities that we idolize for many different reasons, and many times it's because we are so intrigued by their glorious lifestyles and appearances. We love to see how these famous fashion-forward stars rock their hairstyles across the red carpet. Here are some "celeb-inspired" looks that you can do at home!

Eva Longoria’s long sleek style

Eva Longoria is known for her gorgeous long hair that looks good in pretty much every style she tries! Our favorite is her long, straight, chic style with a middle part that is very modern and trendy. Don’t think you have long enough hair to pull of this style? No worries, just part your hair down the middle and add in some clip in extensions to give you that extra length. We used the 20” easiXtend Elite Remy Human Hair clip in extensions kit to get this fabulous Eva-inspired look.  

Ahna O’Reilly’s low wavy pony

Ahna O’Reilly always has that mermaid look perfected to a tee, so we wanted to try it out for ourselves! Her low wavy pony can be casual or dressed up so it is perfect for any type of event. We used the 20” Human Hair extensions kit by hairdo, gave it a little tease at the top, and then swept all of the hair over to a low side ponytail.

Carrie Underwood’s curled half up-half down

Carrie Underwood is always rocking a curled half up-half down hairstyle, and we don’t blame her because it always looks stunning! This style is perfect for a fancy occasion such as weddings and parties. We took the 23" Heat Friendly Synthetic Grand Extensions and put it onto our already curled hair, which adds the extra volume, and then pulled the top half of the hair up into a teased curled bun. This style is so elegant and pretty, and the hair extensions make it easy and attainable!

Kylie Jenner’s colored ends

We’re channeling our inner Kylie Jenner for this style by adding her notorious pop of color to our hair. This is a fun and trendy way to change up your regular natural hairstyle. We simply  took the 23" Straight color extensions kit by hairdo and strategically placed them in the middle of our hair. The wide variety of color options gives you different choices of colors to change up this style for every event, you can even try mixing and matching colors for a bold hairdo. 

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