Hair Extensions Myths: DEBUNKED

November 09, 2017

MYTH 1: Clips pull out your hair

The thought that clip-in extensions will pull out your hair is extremely false! Since you remove these hair extensions at the night, they won’t pull out or cause any damage to your hair. So, if you're questioning getting some extensions because you're afraid they might damage, thin, or even pull out strands of hair, then you're in the clear because these babies are completely harmless!

Pictured: Leyla Milani - 24" Remy Human Hair Clip In Extensions - Color: 60/22/88

MYTH 2: Clips stop hair growth

There is absolutely no correlation between your extensions and hair growth, other than the extensions will make it look like your hair miraculously grew overnight! Clip-in hair extensions won’t affect your hair growth at all. Actually, many people use their hair extensions while they are trying to grow their hair to their desired length. If you're waiting on your hair to grow out long again, use extensions to get that gorgeous length while you wait, and you won't have to worry about it stopping any growth! 

MYTH 3: The clips are painful

Not only are extensions not painful, but you’ll probably forget you even have them. Since the extensions are so light, you can hardly feel them! Nothing about our clip-in hair extensions are painful; they act as if they’re your real hair so they function just like any normal hair would.

MYTH 4: Hair extensions are too expensive

Depending on the type of hair and style of extensions you are looking for, the prices can vary… but not ALL extensions are expensive! Human hair will be a little more costly, but it makes up for it with their quality and long lasting fibers. Now, this isn’t to say there are still human hair extensions that are reasonably priced, because that’s not true either! We pride ourselves in our really great deals we have on our website, and many times we have great sales for our gorgeous hair extensions. You don’t have to drop your life savings on your hair extensions, especially if you buy them off of our site!

MYTH 5: Hair extensions don’t look natural

This one made me chuckle because many people think that once you put extensions in everyone around you will notice you are wearing them… this couldn’t be more false. With the right color and style, your extensions will blend seamlessly with your actual hair and look completely natural. The only thing people will notice is how perfect and gorgeous your hair looks

 Pictured: Leyla Milani - 24" Remy Human Hair Clip In Extensions - Color: 60/22/88

With these common hair extensions myths busted, there should be nothing stopping you from getting the hair of your dreams!

Check out all of our gorgeous hair extensions on our website!

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