GALentines Gifts

February 08, 2018

Yeah having a bf is great and all...but who has been by your side through the ups and the downs, the happiness and the heartaches? Your GALS. Your besties deserve just as much love this Valentine’s Day, so get them something as special as they are. Here are some great gifts for the most important gals in your life:

Straight Color Extensions Kit - Pink Frost

Not only are these extensions pink perfection, but they will add the right amount of spunk to your bestie’s hairstyle to match her fun personality! You can add these to any style, from braids to ponytails. These extensions are a gift your girl will LOVE, and they are within a great price range. It’s a win-win!

Wrap-N-Wear Ponytail by Revlon

Who doesn’t love the perfect pony? We all want a flawless ponytail but sometimes our hair just doesn’t work with us, whether it be the length or the style. This Wrap-N-Wear Ponytail by Revlon will give your bestie gals the present of that perfect pony. This baby is also heat friendly so your friends can style it however they want!

Human Hair Highlight Extensions Kit

Every girl dreams of the perfect highlights, but so many of us are too afraid to dye our hair due to ruining it or not liking the results. Well...we’ve got the PERFECT fix for this. Get your besties these Human Hair Highlight Extensions Kit to give them the gift of their dream hair! 

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