Greasy hair got you down? Try these hairstyles for oily hair

July 25, 2017

You know those mornings when you plan on washing your hair but you can’t seem to get out of bed until 10 minutes before you need to leave? I seem to have those way too often, and then I’m left scrambling trying to figure out what to do with my dirty and oily hair. Dry shampoo is usually my lifesaver, but we can’t rely on it forever. When even the holy grail of dry shampoo can’t salvage your unwashed hair, you’ll need a new solution.

My thin hair gives me one day max until it decides to turn into limp greasy strands, dry shampoo adds on another 12 hours, and then after that I’m stuck in a rut. Since I’ve come across this issue numerous times I decided to test out different hairstyles and have found the best ones that will hide all signs of oil. Get excited because I’m going to share my secret styles to concealing greasy hair with you!


Use these on those mornings when you’re feeling a little less-than motivated: 



Half up topknot



The first place that starts to show oil is in the roots, surrounding the part. I refer to this as stage one of the unwashed hair cycle. When you reach this first stage, you know it’s time for the half up topknot. Since your hair is still somewhat clean, this style is perfect to cover the oily roots while still keeping a pretty and natural look. Add in your extensions to create a long gorgeous base, and even use them to help your topknot be fuller and more secure.



Braided headband



Do you ever see those stunning braids on Pinterest that lay perfectly across the model’s head? They always end up on my “Dream Hair” board, but I’ve never once tried to do them… that’s because I can’t braid to save my life. Hence the reason I named it “dream” hair. For all of you like me who didn’t acquire this skill growing up, don’t fret because there’s an easier way. sells pre-braided headbands for every hair color imaginable, no talent needed for this style. Simply brush back your hair and put on the headband and like magic all of the oil seems to disappear.



Teased messy pony



Who would’ve thought oily hair could actually be a good thing? Well you’re in luck, because for this style it actually makes it look better. Dirty hair teases so much better than clean hair, so when you’re on that second/third day of not washing, try a messy pony. First clip in your extensions to give your ponytail extra length, then tease tease and….wait for it...more tease!



Slicked back bun



If there’s one thing I’ve learned throughout this, it’s that sometimes you just can’t fight the grease so you have to work with it instead. This is where we get to the end of the unwashed hair cycle and you just aren’t sure if you can salvage one more day of this hair. No worries, you can! Add a little gel or hairspray to the top of your hair and brush it back as tight as possible to create that sleek and smooth look. After pulling it up, simply use the ballerina bun piece from for the perfect, slicked back bun.


So don’t let a little grease get you down, turn that frown upside down. These styles will save your hair and your mornings!

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