Pool Hairstyles

June 13, 2018

Using hair extensions in the summer can be a great solution to getting rid of that frizz problem that burdens so many women in these hot, humid and/or dry months. However, when it is time to venture out to the pool with the girls, you may find it difficult to enjoy it out of sheer fear of losing an extension in the pool. But never fear! There are certain styles that that will remain stylish as long as you don’t completely submerge under the water!



Undone Updos

The unstyled style has taken the beauty world by storm this year. Unkempt locks are the perfect, yet effortlessly chic look for summer. While these looks can be playful and elegant, these hairdos can also be extremely functional for summer activities centered around water. These looks will keep your hair extensions up and out of the water, and will also keep them secured no matter what activities you will take part in this summer. Plus, as an added benefit, due to the imperfect nature of the look, it will be impossible to “mess it up.”



Braids of Every Kind

Who doesn’t love a good braid? With so many options, styles, and textures that you can play with, braids are not only perfect for those with natural hair, but can be the perfect way to protect your extensions from unwanted damage. If you are going to be near the water, you can braid your hair in reverse to create “space buns” on top of your head for a late 80’s early 90’s throwback look; or you can braid your hair into a crown to add a bit of whimsy to your overall look.


Another braided option is Hairdo's French Braid Band | Shop


Messy Top Knots

Now the word messy may scare you, but don’t you fret! This is the kind of mess everyone will be lusting after. These styles can be perfect for any occasion and don’t need to be too complicated or fussed with as you go through your day. Low maintenance, and help keep your extensions and natural hair healthy, where do I sign?! Just like the undone updos, a messy top knot is a simple style perfect for relaxing at, in, or near the water. All you will need is a hair tie and a couple of pins to secure your locks and you are good to go! If you are looking for a bit more dimension, however, let a few tendrils fall into your face to frame your face and add a bit of softness to the overall look.



Turbans or Scarfs

Whether I am working with my natural curls or helping my sister with her extension care, we both find that the best way to protect your hair is by going full 1960s and using a scarf or a turban to add something a little different to your summer look. Turbans and scarves are seeing a large uptick in usage in recent years and that trend isn’t slowing down. While this can add an element of fun or elegance - based on pattern and material - to your look, hair gurus everywhere are raving about them because the are doing double duty as a style accessory and as a protector of  your strands and scalp from the sun’s damage! It also is great for extensions to help protect your closures and the bonds of the actual extensions from humidity and excess moisture that can weaken bonds. Whether you want to put all your hair up underneath it or style it with a side braid, ponytail, etc.



What are your favorite summer pool hairstyles?

Please note*: Our extensions.com guest writers share their opinions and experiences and we appreciate them! 

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