Transform Extensions Into A Bob WITHOUT Trimming!

June 06, 2018

Now I can guarantee many of you read this title and thought you had misread something... but you didn’t! This is a trick utilized by many beauty vloggers and celebrities when they want to keep in their long extensions, but want to opt for a bit shorter length for a day or an event. And instead of chopping the extensions and not being able to keep the long length for a later occasion, there is actually a very simple process you can follow to achieve this Faux Bob look.


Here is what you need:

  • Texturizing spray (optional)
  • Clear elastics
  • U-shaped pins
  • Bobby pins
  • Finishing spray (once again, optional)

This look is great for a casual day out, or a night out on the town, and it won’t take you all day to do it. Popularized by Naomi Watts and Kerry Washington, here are the steps to create your faux bob look - with or without the presence of extensions.


Kerry Washington rocking a long bob


Step One:

This step is more for those who are going au natural, but if you are wearing human extensions, this can also be a step for you if you are looking for a bit more texture. To start, enhance your hair’s natural texture by spraying a texturizing spray (sea salt is best) and gently scrunching your hair. We love the Boho Beach Mist by Jon Renau!



Step Two:

Divide hair into two loose pigtails and secures with clear elastics. Feel free to do more sections - as long as they are evenly spaced out and evenly divided sections - if you have thicker, more unruly hair in order to keep it secure throughout the day.


Step Three:

Once your sections are secured, loop the length of each section of hair up and under, securing the ends with three U-shaped pins on each section.


Step Four:

Next, place a singular bobby pin perpendicular to the other pins in each section to lock them in place. Don't fret if it's slightly uneven, the texture gives the look an unspooled casualness and gives it a natural elegance vibe.


Step Five:

To capitalize on the romantic look that is a current hair trend, in a sort of Downton Abbey-esque glamour, you can gloss over loose tendrils with a finishing spray just to give your hair that extra little bit of magic. (Optional)


And it is as simple as that! Five steps, a few pins, two optional products, and zero commitment. I have often used this technique and then later in the day - or before I go out - I will let my hair down and let the extensions do their thing. With one pass with a straightener, or even just a few finger comb throughs, my hair maintains its natural texture and style. This versatile style is simplistic, timeless, and perfect for your summer outings.

Have you every tried creating a bob with your extensions?

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