How to Repair/Replace a Clip?

Did a clip break or fall off?

Included in each set of Cashmere Hair are 2 replacement clips just in case a clip breaks or falls off.
This can happen occasionally, so we want to share how easy it is to replace the clip in just a few easy steps. It is similar to how you would sew a button onto a shirt.

Materials Needed:

-Thread in matching color

-Replacement clip



Click here to view item 9 for clip repair eligibility in our return policy.

Step 1: Thread needle and cut thread about 12 inches

Step 2: Place clip facing the right direction on the track in the correct placement.

Step 3: Start by sewing the thread through the upper right hole on the clip and push through the stitching on the track.

Step 4: Tie a knot to secure clip in place

Step 5: Continue sewing by threading through the second hole down on the clip  (sewing on similar to how you would sew on a button)

Step 6: Continue to loop through both holes 2-3 times.

Step 7: Make 3-4 knots to finish securing the clip.

Step 8: Cut the thread close to knot to remove strings

Step 9: Rethread the needle and sew through through the middle of the clip and push through the top of the track.

Step 10: Tie 3-4 knots to secure the clip

Step 11: Pull the knots toward the bottom of the clip to hide the knot.

Step 12: Cut remaining string close to the knot.

Step 13: Re-thread the needle and push through the top left hole in the clip all the way through the track.

Step 14: Continue to sew by pushing the needle through the 2nd hole down on the clip similar to how you would sew on a button and repeat 2-3 times until clip is securely fastened to the track.

Step 15: Tie a knot 3-4 times to finish clip.

Step 16: Cut strings close to knot to remove extra thread.

Finished repair:

How to Repair/Replace a Clip?
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