How to Repair/Replace a Clip

Did a clip break or fall off?

Included in each set of Cashmere Hair are 2 replacement clips just in case a clip breaks or falls off. Unfortunately this can happen sometimes, so if it does the Cashmere Hair girls want to share how easy it is to replace the clip in just a few easy steps. (It is similar to how you would sew a button onto a shirt.)

Materials Needed:

-Thread in matching color

-Replacement clip



Step 1: Thread needle and cut thread about 12 inches

Step 2: Place clip facing the right direction on the track in the correct placement.

Step 3: Start by sewing the thread through the upper right hole on the clip and push through the stitching on the track.

Step 4: Tie a knot to secure clip in place

Step 5: Continue sewing by threading through the second hole down on the clip  (sewing on similar to how you would sew on a button)

Step 6: Continue to loop through both holes 2-3 times.

Step 7: Make 3-4 knots to finish securing the clip.

Step 8: Cut the thread close to knot to remove strings

Step 9: Rethread the needle and sew through through the middle of the clip and push through the top of the track.

Step 10: Tie 3-4 knots to secure the clip

Step 11: Pull the knots toward the bottom of the clip to hide the knot.

Step 12: Cut remaining string close to the knot.

Step 13: Re-thread the needle and push through the top left hole in the clip all the way through the track.

Step 14: Continue to sew by pushing the needle through the 2nd hole down on the clip similar to how you would sew on a button and repeat 2-3 times until clip is securely fastened to the track.

Step 15: Tie a knot 3-4 times to finish clip.

Step 16: Cut strings close to knot to remove extra thread.

Finished repair:

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