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Product: Beverly Hills Brunette Clip In Hair Extensions
Posted By: LORI
I have been using hair extensions for 20 years and these are by far the best quality I have ever used!

The best out there

Product: Lightest Blonde Clip In Hair Extensions
Posted By: Catherine
BEAUTIFUL HAIR EXTENSIONS! I used to get Platinum Seamless extensions out in for years with a stylist, costing around $4500 a year. I took a chance on cashmere extensions when I had happen to see an episode of Shark Tank that I had DVR'd, and I can honestly say, they are amazing.

Best extensions ever owned!

Product: Sunset Blonde Clip In Hair Extensions
Posted By: Monica Caplan
I have bought every set of clip ins in the world! I was debating between sunset and the ash blonde because I have quite a bit of light ash blonde in my hair and I wanted it to blend well obviously (they didn’t have the Pale Ash Blonde at the time, but i just ordered it!) The clips are super comfortable, really no need for spray and back combing which is damaging on its own, and they stay smooth unlike others I have had- (luxy, sally’s, and head candy) which can tend to blend together into a beesnest of hair when you go to take them out. My head loves these extensions and have had no damage wearing them, which to me is most important. Also, the color blend worked great with my hair color. I have lightened up a bit so I am excited to get my new order!! I can't say enough good things about these extensions, I really love them and will only buy cashmere from here on out. Don't waste your money or time on other brands. . I have had every type of extension you can have, wefts braided in, glued in, (don't ever do that , causes so much damage to blonde hair) But the cold fusion with the little clips pinched in with the lining did virtually no damage to my hair I was just so limited as far as styles to wear them once they grew out a bit and they were incredibly uncomfortable at first. The benefits are that you can get a custom color and they are always in, good for if you plan on going on vacation, want to go in the ocean, and only if your hair can handle the weight, When you take them out, you'll be surprised how much your hair grew. Anyhow, I have decided to stick with clips and these are my #1 favorite. I plan on ordering a set in all the colors so I can use them on my brides for their wedding day. Thank you for making extensions that are wonderful!!!


Product: Rodeo Drive Blonde Clip In Hair Extensions
Posted By: Alexis Mientus
Love this color!! Blends great with my light brown hair and kind of has that ombre look that I've been after. Have gotten LOTS of compliments, cashmere hair is by far the greatest line of extensions I've experienced.

Great buy

Product: Sunset Blonde Clip In Hair Extensions
Posted By: Jamie
Nicest extensions I have ever bought, or personally seen. I got the '16 inch and had my hair stylist cut and layer them. It's a TON of hair. They look and feel great and I've been getting tons of compliments.

It's been a long time since I have found human hair that doesn't become matted

Product: Sunset Blonde Clip In Hair Extensions
Posted By: Gina
I wanted to wait before writing my review to give my extensions plenty of time for wear and wash. I have been wearing human hair extension for 10 years now. I use to buy high quality hair in the stores such as Remy and other top brands paying about $300 for the ream of hair in 18" length. I would then sew my own clips and layer the extensions. The first thing I like about Cashmere hair is the ability to give you a sample first to know you have a perfect match. Also, the reviews are very helpful. What I really liked were the European clips this company uses which secures your extension in with fine hair like mine without having to back come your own hair. It is very difficult to find European clips where I am and I am very pleased with the ones Cashmere uses. Now on to the actual hair, it is very thick and beautiful. The hair is so healthy and heavy, it doesn't hold curl well with the velvet hot rollers I use. However, before I had the extension layered my main concern was waiting to see if the hair matted. I have bought 3 different sets over the past year from different companies only to be extremely frustrated and disappointed after two or three shampoos when the keratin treatment washed out. I strongly believe now that hair extensions are so popular, quality is hard to come by with such demand so you can imagine how skeptical I was. I specifically bought the hair care products from Cashmere to have a 100% guarantee in case the hair did matte because I wear the extensions daily and they must hold up for my use. 3 months later, the hair has remained beautiful and in silky smooth shape after 6 shampoos with their hair care products. I finally had the extensions layered after the shampoo test and now they hold beautiful bouncing curls. I am extremely pleased with their product. The extra perk was the company sending the hair color match sample with my order which gave a little extra to clip in. I would highly recommend this product/company to others....actually I already have at the salon. 

Very Impressed

Product: Sunset Blonde 20” Clip In Hair Extensions

Posted By: Beth Gonzales
I just want to say thank you so much! I ordered on Sunday and received my extensions today! I'm very impressed with how quickly y'all shipped them and with the quality! I got the 20" set in sunset blonde. They match perfectly and I didn't even have y'all color match me! Thank you again!

The best I've ever worn

Product: Black Brown 16” Clip In Hair Extensions

Posted By:Janie N
Just wanted you guys to know that I love my 16" clip in extensions in black brown. I can have my short hair completely done in less than 5 minutes and it lasts all day. I wear mine every single day and no one knows these are clip ins. By far the best I've ever worn. Thanks again for such an awesome product!

REALLY Nice Extensions

Product: Golden Blonde Clip In Hair Extensions
Posted By: Melanie
I just ordered, and received, the Golden Blonde Hair Extensions. This is my second set of Cashmere extensions. I reordered because the hair is truly luxurious and thicker than most other extensions I have used in the past. The different shades incorporated in the Golden Blonde is a nice, even blending of colors. I have washed them and had them professionally colored. Neither of these processes has compromised the hair in any way. Thank you Cashmere for a truly quality product. There is only one drawback - - I would like to see a brighter red shade and it would be really great if you offered a blend of reds such as in the Golden Blonde extensions. 

Best decision!!

Product: Cashmere Hair Care Set
Posted By: N/A
I had been going back and forth with getting them but I made a last minute decision to get them before a wedding and I got them in 1 day!! Best decision! Sunset blonde matches perfectly and the quality is amazing!! Definitely recommend these!!

Great product

Product: Brown Clip In Hair Extensions
Posted By: Sierra
I had never worn clip in extensions before and now I am in love with them. Great quality hair, it actually feels and styles like real hair.

Love These Extensions
Product: Natural Blonde Clip-In Hair Extensions 
Posted By: Katie D
These were the first extensions I've purchased and I could not be happier. The texture and color are a perfect match for my hair. You can't tell that I'm wearing extensions. Since I started wearing them I've gotten so many compliments. Thanks Cashmere hair for helping my hair look stunning!

Perfect color match, shiny healthy hair

Product: Beverly Hills Brunette Clip In Hair Extensions
Posted By: Chris O
I have bought cheap extensions in the past and splurged on these for my wedding. I sent photos of my hair and confirmed my choice of beverly hills brunette. Customer service was prompt, helpful and thoroughly answered all my questions. Delivery was lightening fast. My hairdresser approved too! I highly recommend this product.


Product: Black Brown Clip In Hair Extensions
Posted By: Janie
I have to say I am very impressed! The tester piece is human hair as well. I got a perfect match and will be ordering a 20" set next! I have worn extensions from 3 other well known companies and this impressed the best hair yet!

Better Than Alternative

Product: Cashmere Luxury Bag
Posted By: N/A
I had purchased the 20" Ash Blonde extensions and I did not purchase this along with them since I didn't believe I would find more useful than how I had planned to style and store them. I initially used clamp trouser hangers to secure them when styling them with my flat iron and I stored them in my closet when not in use however this type of hanger did not hold the extensions secure when styling and I neglected to factor how I'd store them while traveling with them. Since the clamp trouser hangers failed to work when styling I began using clip trouser hangers and these worked fine but then I didn't have the bag which I find handy especially when traveling since it's compact and lies flat. I bought this really more for the bag then for the hanger since the hanger it comes with looks just like a regular clip trouser hanger only slightly less wide and with padding.

Subtle and Soft

Product: Bronzed Ombre Clip In Hair Extensions
Posted By: Alyssa
Gorgeous brunette ombre with subtle color shift. Even my stylist was amazed at the quality and quantity of hair. Will see how they hold up over time but so far so good! 

Roxbury Red

Product: Roxbury Red Clip In Hair Extensions
Posted By: Brittany
Hi! I just wanted to tell you how happy I am with my extensions! I ordered 20 inch Roxbury Red and they are just gorgeous! I work at a hair salon and the girls there have seen plenty of clip ins. They were all extremely impressed with how nice they were and how beautiful the quality of the hair is.
I naturally have fine hair so when I put these babies in I literally feel like a princess. I've been raving about them to all my friends in search of clip ins, too, because of how obsessed I am lol. Thank you SO much for creating such an amazing product that has sent my self confidence through the roof :)

Amazing and Perfect!

Product: Ash Blonde Clip In Hair Extensions
Posted By: N/A
I have tried three other brands of clip in extensions. Cashmere Hair is a whole other level of hair. Natural and insanely comfortable, perfect color match and they blend with my hair and are perfect and I love them!

Beautiful Hair

Product: California Blonde Clip In Hair Extensions
Posted By: Carla
I love my hair! I have been using the hair from Sally's and it was ok but after receiving the Cashmere Hair - there is no comparison. It feels so great and it is much fuller and the quality is worth every penny. I want to order another set of the sunset blonde.

Dark Brown Shade 20"

Product: Cashmere Hair Care Set
Posted By: N/A
Matched my hair perfect! Since I am very short - they felt like 22" extensions so I did have them cut. My stylist kept complimenting on how high the quality of the hair was (she tried to sell me some originally) and that she wants to buy some. Whenever I wear them people grab my hair and tell me how much they love it, they are so surprised when I tell them they are clip-ins!

Best Concept Ever!!!

Product: Swatch of Sunset Blonde
Posted By: Emilie Tremblay
I want to thank you for this amazing idea you got of Swatch Store. It's truly the best concept for anyone who doesn't want to buy extensions hair and has to return it(pay extra money for shipping) if it doesn't mach! Every hair extension website should offer this service. But since you are one of the rare one offering this service, it makes you on the top list of best store.

Very Happy

Product: Swatch of Roxbury Red
Posted By: Joanie FONTAINE
Received my extensions and happy to say they I am more than satisfied! I love the quality and the color is perfect. After searching for the best for the money I'm glad I chose Cashmere Hair.

The Lavender Peek-a-boos are super cute

Product: Light Lavender Clip In Hair Extensions
Posted By: Matia
The extensions are amazing, the brush is great, the hair carrier is cute and the shampoo, conditioner, spray and treatments smells amazing.

Fun peak-a-boos

Product: Purple Clip In Hair Extensions
Posted By: Katie
These extensions are top quality just like the full sets. They are silky and a beautiful color. I curl them like my other extensions and they give a great pop of color. I only wish they were 20 inches like my extension set. Good price too, you get a lot of hair for not a lot of money! I only wear 4 of the 6 pieces at a time.

Beautiful, Full Extensions

Product: Black Brown Clip In Hair Extensions
Posted By: Katie
These are the best extensions that I have worn! They are so thick and blend perfectly with my hair! I get so many compliments on my hair and no one know they are extensions! I have had these extensions for six months and they barely shed and are still silky and beautiful after being washed. I use ceramic heat tools with heat protective spray and they stay curled for days. I absolutely love them and recommend buying a set!

Product: Beverly Hills Brunette Clip In Hair Extensions
Posted By: Ashley
I've been wearing extensions for over 5 years now and these are by FAR the BEST I've ever owned. The hair is thick, the wefts are really well made and the color blends perfectly with my hair color. The customer service is amazing - I had a lot of questions and sent my natural hair color in and they got back to me right away. I honestly couldn't be happier with my purchase. I ordered Beverly Hills Brunette shade in 20 inch, and I'm going to be ordering the 16 inch soon as well! IF you are on the fence, DON'T be - THESE EXTENSIONS ARE AMAZING - BEST I'VE EVER OWNED!! Also, big shout out to the customer service - you guys are so sweet and so quick and I appreciate it so much! :)

Beautiful Hair!

Product: Starlet Brunette Clip-In Hair Extensions
Posted By: Jodie
I own lots of hair pieces and these are the best! Great product!

Blends right in with my baby fine hair.

Product: Starlet Brunette Clip-In Hair Extensions
Posted By: Rachelle J
Everything about these extensions are wonderful. The softness, fullness and durability. I have thin, fine hair and these extensions are a bit thicker than my hair but blend right in. I only use one track in the back and one on each side. Therefore they will last me a while because on my mind I have extras now. I would highly recommend these for everyone. I wish I ordered them sooner. The clips slide easily from my hair without any yanking or tugging. I haven't lost a piece of my own hair yet. Now that I know that these are tried and true I am telling all of my friends about them. My hairdresser also commented on the great quality compared to the retail hair stores. 


Product: Dark Brown Clip In Hair Extensions
Posted By: N/A
I was able to put them on in minutes. They stayed on perfectly even at a kid's trampoline party (I was jumping with them). Nobody could tell they were extensions.

Very comfortable and natural

Product: Rodeo Drive Blonde Clip In Hair Extensions
Posted By: Heidi P.
I am 44 years old and my hair is very fine and lacking volume. This product is the best I have ever bought, it is very natural looking and soft. My friends and family have not noticed that I am wearing them. They just love the way I look. I feel younger and more attractive. I only wish they offered it in shorter lengths. I bought the 16" extensions and I ended up trimming them back to a more comfortable 12". I am most definitely will get another set for Summer when my hair gets lighter.


Product: Brown Clip In Hair Extensions
Posted By: Jennifer
It's been almost 2 years since I bought my first set of Cashmere Hair and it's still looking brand new. It still looks thick, luscious, healthy, and real. Barely any shedding whatsoever. Your extensions are the highest quality on the market. I am beyond pleased with my purchase. They still look amazing. Thank you for providing such a high quality product. I love this hair so much.

In LOVE with these!!!!

Product: Beverly Hills Brunette Clip In Hair Extensions
Posted By: Amy Engle
This is my first set of extensions and I researched A TON of brands!! Sent a pic of my hair and got a quick reply with 2 suggestions. Went with the 16" Beverly Hills Brunette for my shoulder length fine thinnish hair.
Got them yesterday and they match perfectly!! Beautifully colored with natural multifaceted tones. I can't believe how awesome they blend. Love the try me weft so you can make sure they work for you before opening the whole package. A+++ 

Love it!

Product: Ash Blonde Clip In Hair Extensions
Posted By: Sylvia
This is my first set of extensions and I absolutely love them. . I got them in ash blond and I wear them every time I go out.

Best Brush EVER!

Product: The Cashmere Brush
Posted By: Candy
I purchased this brush to use with my extensions, but I love it so much I use it all of the time! I even ordered another for my 3 year old because it is gentle on her hair and it doesn't pull. Thanks for a great product!

Super Happy
Product: Sunset Blonde Clip In Hair Extensions
Posted By: ASHLEY
I just received my BEAUTIFUL extensions last night, and I'd like to protect them as much as possible. I'd like to start by saying that these are the BEST QUALITY I've ever received and I've ordered in the past from places online - about 3 other places... these are by far, the best of the best and thank you all so much for the great customer service + quick shipping!!!!!!!!!! I'll be recommending your product to everyone I know!

What a difference Cashmere Hair makes!

Product: Sunset Blonde Clip In Hair Extensions
Posted By: Erika
I had worn extensions for the past year by the end of the day I couldn't wait to take them out. They were itchy and pulled my hair. I can't tell you how wonderfully different Cashmere extensions are. Not only are they thick and beautiful and I was able to go so much longer. I can't get over how comfortable they are. I am no longer in hurry to take them out as soon as I get home. Love them!

Glad I bought these..
Product: Cashmere Hair Care Set
Posted By: Mel
These products are great for the up keep and I am very impressed with the quality. Great deal for what you get and I will be buying more. Wish they came in larger sizes.

Exceeded My Expectations

Product: Rodeo Drive Blonde Clip In Hair Extensions
Posted By: Paula
When I saw the price of these hair extensions I had a certain level of expectation of what they would be like. Well, they are so much better than I imagined! I sent an email with photos of my hair and asked for a recommendation of which color to get. I got a response within an hour of sending my email - on Friday evening - wow - you guys work all hours - and I ordered the extensions that night. They came pretty quickly and when I opened the packaging I couldn't believe how nice they were and the color was perfect!!
It has been so much fun wearing them - they are easy to put in and blend perfectly with my hair. They don't tangle easily and none of the hair has come off the extensions at all. I think they will last a long time.
I can't recommend them highly enough and the customer service is off the charts amazing!
Thank you ladies at Cashmere Hair!

Gorgeous Color!

Product: Roxbury Red Clip-In Hair Extensions
Posted By: Michelle
This has been my hair color for a while, and I'm so glad they added this color to the line. Gorgeous, natural-looking red color. I get so many compliments!

Great Product even better Customer Service

Product: Ash Blonde Clip In Hair Extensions
Posted By: Amy in Vail
My daughter and I have purchased several types of hair extensions. I really liked the number of clips per weft...other companies have too many or not enough. I ordered this shorter length which was backordered. I spoke on the phone and exchanged emails with Melissa. They went above and beyond in communicating with me and ensuring my one order of 16" hair arrived prior to my vacation (and it did with only hours to spare). Talk about amazing service!! The hair is just gorgeous. Thick, sturdy and blends perfectly. I'm a customer for life. 

Your hair will be the best it can be

Product: Sunset Blonde Clip In Hair Extensions
Posted By: Lauren
This was the perfect shade for me! I have different tone of blonde, and this color blended just right in! I didn't have to tease my hair to clip them in! Literally took me 5 mins to put them in, and it was my first time wearing extensions! I will be a loyal customer forever! 


Product: The Cashmere Brush
Posted By: Lauren
This brush makes your own hair, and the extensions so soft and perfect! I love brushing my real hair with it! Def a must for your extensions!


Product: Malibu Blonde Clip In Hair Extensions
Posted By: ALISON
I'm so impressed with the quality! When I get more highlights I'll be purchasing a lighter set in 16". Great product.

The Very Best

Product: Ombre Clip In Hair Extensions
Posted By: Jamie
I am the happiest customer EVER! These were a gift to myself and I couldn't be more pleased. I get compliments on a daily basis and they blend beautifully! They're my second pair of extensions I have purchased from Cashmere; I switch between my natural brown color extensions and these Ombre ones and I LOVE them both.


Product: Beverly Hills Brunette Clip In Hair Extensions
Posted By: Stephanie D.
This is my 2nd pair of Cashmere Extensions. I now have the 20" and 16". Love them both. Super quality. Can't go wrong.

The Best Extensions I've Bought!!!

Product: Bronzed Ombre Clip In Hair Extensions
Posted By: Katherine
I tried with different kinds of extensions, with and without clips, and these are the best!

Better than Bellami by FAR

Product: California Blonde Clip In Hair Extensions
Posted By: N/A
So I just received my hair extensions and I am so so so impressed with them!!
I have tried everything, including bellami - which I did not like. The colors that you offer are more natural looking. Bellami's dirty blonde is pink-ish. I think your hair is FAR better than bellami's and it should be more well known as the price is pretty comparable. The bellami's were fake looking and pink compared to my Cashmere Hair.

In lust!

Product: Malibu Blonde Clip In Hair Extensions
Posted By: Angel L.
These extensions are worth every penny! Super gorgeous quality!! I'll be a repeat customer!


Product: Starlet Brunette Clip-In Hair Extensions
Posted By: Mary Kay J.
10 years ago I was diagnosed with Stage 111 breast cancer. I had surgery and chemotherapy. I lost all of my hair and when it grew back it was thin and fragile. I have tried many other extensions both weave and clip in. The quality of these extensions were far beyond my expectations. I love my clip in extensions. They are by far the best quality extensions on the market. Thank you for such a wonderful product. 

The BEST by far....

Product: Beverly Hills Brunette Clip In Hair Extensions
Posted By: Stephanie D.
Let me start by saying that I emailed Melissa with all kinds of questions before my purchase and she responded very quickly. I have been blown away by the customer service and the quality of the extensions. I ordered the 20" Beverly Hills Brunette, the brush, and the storage bag. The extensions are soft and so natural looking. Beautiful! Everything from the hair to the clips is top quality. If you are on the fence, don't be. I've had other extensions and these are by far the best. I highly recommend!

Second Set

Product: 9021Ombre Clip-In Hair Extensions
Posted By: Chelsea
This is my second set of hair from you ladies :) , I've tried everything from the top youtube 'gurus' requests to the apparent best brands in hollywood, but your quality hair extensions are the most amazing hair I have ever worn. I am such a tough critic when it comes to hair since I wear it basically daily and am so happy that it is everything you (and the world) promote it to be. Proud to support your company, thank you for putting love into your work and allowing us to shine because of it. -Chelsea

These are lovely!

Product: Brown Clip In Hair Extensions
Posted By: Elisabeth
I've used many types of hair extensions. Clip in, fused tips, sewn in, etc. I decided to purchase these extensions after months without a decent set, and seeing the girls on shark tank. I sent in two pictures of myself, and was given a shade. The extensions arrived in TWO days, and that's with regular shipping! I opened the tester extension. I was so bummed it was too dark for my hair. I emailed the girls and they said I was more than welcome to exchange the color. I was so excited to wear these, I instead took the test piece to the store and compared hair dyes. I found one, dyed my hair, and it matched the extensions perfectly! These extensions are full, thick, and lively. I rated four stars because I haven't mastered putting them in without trouble, and a few wefts have a black hair/strings within the actual Remy hair. I'm familiar with this happening with extensions.. But I was hoping that for 300 $ they'd literally be perfect. 

Best Extensions Ever!!

Product: Rodeo Drive Blonde 20" Clip In Hair Extensions
Posted By: Abby
I have had many different extensions, clip in, sewn in, bonded etc. These are the best! Extremely thick from top to bottom and comfortable to wear. Melissa got back to me so incredibly fast to match my hair color and the hair matched perfectly. I will never use any other extensions ever again but Cashmere Hair.

Best Hair! 

Product: Golden Blonde 20" Clip In Hair Extensions 

Posted By: N/A
I've tried several brands of Remy extensions and these are by far the best. Thick, soft hair and washes well. I like the wider side wefts. I always needed more hair on the sides! Plus, they're customizable so you can wear the amount you need.

Absolutely Beautiful

Product: Sunset Blonde 20" Clip In Hair Extensions
Posted By: N/A
Soft, silky and manageable! So proud of how it looks! Took way too long to develop a product that looks natural! Good Job Cashmere Hair.

Best Extensions EVER!

Product: Rodeo Drive Blonde 20" Clip In Hair Extensions
Posted By: Chelsie
I researched and wore a lot of extensions being a hair stylist. These are BY FAR the best extensions I have ever used. I am so happy with my purchase they are soft, shiny, and they blend so beautifully! Every one I know now wants a set! I'm definitely buying more since I change my color so often. They are definitely worth it!

Great Hair Day

Product: Starlet Brunette 20" Clip-In Hair Extensions
Posted By: N/A
I received my new hair - clipped them in and wow. The hair is long and gorgeous. I have had people comment on my hair when I wear them. In a good way – they like my hair. 

A Perfect Match!

Product: Swatch of Ash Blonde
Posted By: Whitney
I received my swatches and I was SHOCKED at how well the Ash Blonde blended with my hair, highlights, low lights and everything in between. I literally could not tell the difference. You guys have an amazing product. I can't wait for my extensions to come in!


Product: The Cashmere Hair Brush
Posted By: Mandy
Amazed on how great this brush is. Very similar to Mason Pearson brush and a quarter of the price. I will not use any other brush on my hair.

Best Quality

Product: Starlet Brunette 20" Clip-In Hair Extensions
Posted By: Lauren B
I've had my extensions for about a month now and I have to say, they are the best quality extensions I've purchased. I am not very nice to my hair extensions (updos, hairspray, wear them everyday) and these are still pretty much tangle free. I've washed them twice but only due to the amount of use I put into them and as long as I let them airdry, they are as smooth as when I bought them. I've spent about $200 at most on extensions, but once they get past 18" they always tend to matte and tangle after about a month but these are much different. Also, they're much thicker all the way to the ends as advertised than others I've used! No initial trim needed right out of the package to get rid of the thin ends. The color matches great with my natural ombre that I currently have from black to dark blonde. Very impressed and will definitely purchase again!


Product: Starlet Brunette 20" Clip-In Hair Extensions
Posted By: Vegas girl
I wanted hair extensions very badly and only because of the cheaper price I got some extensions from a competitor that looked nice at 1st but just after only 1 wash, lost it's luster, tangled constantly, & shed so much when trying to comb through it. What a waste! I now have Cashmere Hair and never need to get anything else again! It has not shed at all and is so soft and thick and absolutely beautiful. I have a small head and only use 2 tracks on the back and 1 smaller track on each side. I can use 2 side tracks above each ear to make it look nice and full but it looks great with 1 too. This hair is the very best and I just love the variety of colors that only Cashmere Hair offers. Please don't do what I did. Save your money and buy the very best! You will happy you did.

Great way to see color before you buy!

Product: Swatch of Bronzed Ombre
Posted By: Lauren
I ordered the swatch of this and Starlet Brunette and am glad I ordered swatches first. The bronzed ombre would have been a good match except it wasn't quite bronzy enough. I opted for the Starlet Brunette because the undertones had a bit more warmth which I needed to match my hair. Having the option to purchase swatches is a wonderful idea and with a $2 discount on each swatch I was pretty much able to BOGO on 2 swatches. It really helped make my decision before putting in the investment on the full set of extensions and ended up with a great match in the end!

Great Way To Match

Product: Swatch of Starlet Brunette
Posted By: Lauren
I ordered this swatch and the bronzed ombre to compare colors. It was a great way to get a match before spending the money on the full set of extensions. I was able to use a discount code, so with $2 off each swatch it was almost a BOGO. Having the option to buy swatches first is a great idea since the hair is not returnable once opened.

Awesome Extensions and Customer Service!

Product: Black Brown 20" Clip In Hair Extensions
Posted By: MonaRose
I love this hair! I've spent an enormous amount of money trying to find the perfect extensions and I've finally found them! :) The hair is so awesome and as an African American woman I was initially worried that the Cashmere Hair wouldn't blend in well with my hair because I didn't see very many African American models in any of the videos etc... So I took a chance and will be ordering Cashmere hair from now on. It's well worth the money and no more searching and wasting my money on any other hair for me. BTW... Melissa was awesome answering any questions that I had no matter how crazy they may have been...that's they way I love to do business and don't mind saving to make a guaranteed purchase. :)

Super Cute and Reliable

Product: Cashmere Luxury Bag
Posted By: MonaRose
Love my luxury storage bag! It's the perfect organizer for keeping your hair from getting all messy or out of order because it stays hanging and in perfect order at all times. You can also curl your hair while it's hanging which makes it convenient for me because I can curl my hair the night before leave it hanging and it's good to go the next morning love it! Never thought I needed something like this until I received it. It's very lightweight and absolutely gorgeous when hanging in my beauty area too. :) I've ordered another one so that I'll already have it when I save to purchase my next set of Cashmere Extensions...Love Love Love!

Try the shine spray!

Product: Extension Shine Spray
Posted By: N/A
I love the shine spray! Not only does it make them look super shiny, but it smells amazing!!! I didn't expect it to smell the way it does, it's phenomenal!

The Very Best

Product: The Cashmere Brush
Posted By: Vegas girl
This is such a great brush! It is so different from any brush that you can buy because it has just the right amount of firmness. My young daughter hates to have her hair brushed and this brush gets her tangles out so fast without any pulling, that she loves it too. Awesome brush.

Love the look!

Product: Sunset Blonde 20" Clip In Hair Extensions 
Posted By: Ms. Pape
Cashmere Hair has done it right. The extensions are beautiful and match my hair so well, my hairdresser had trouble determining my hair from the extensions. Beautiful quality. I would highly recommend to my friends.

Best hair extensions ever!
Product: Ombre 20" Clip In Hair Extensions 
Posted By: Sandra
I've had all kind of hair extensions for the past 10 years and not one of them would compare to this ones! So awesome and thick and perfect! Love them. Xx

Best Clip-In Extensions Ever
Product: 9021Ombre 20" Clip In Hair Extensions 
Posted By: Marleny
This hair is just amazing, the color you see in the picture. The hair is so soft and silk and does not shed at all. The hair is really thick so I only end up using 2 or 3 tracks out of the 7 pack since my hair is really thin. Overall the best hair extensions.

Product: Natural Blonde 20" Clip In Hair Extensions 
Posted By: Kelly
Love love love this product! I never tried extensions before and these are so awesome! It totally adds a ton of volume to my hair which is what I was looking for! I would love to wear these every day!

Exceeded My High Expectations!!

Product: Sunset Blonde 20" Clip In Hair Extensions
Posted By: Jackie
I have been wearing extensions religiously for almost 10 years. Both clip-in and great lengths.... I can honestly say that Cashmere Hair is by far the best and my most favorite. I love that you can take them out at the end out the day unlike my bonded extensions. I also love the thickness of Cashmere Hair! I felt gorgeous, there was SO much I think I could leave a few of the extensions out and it would still look just as amazing. The hair quality is great. It doesn't tangle or knot easily and the color is just gorgeous. I highly recommend these to anyone. My hair is thin and it makes my hair look so fantastic. Overall a great product.


Product: Ash Blonde 20" Clip In Hair Extensions
Posted By: Maria
I got my extensions like 3 weeks ago and to be honest I've been wearing them every day I absolutely love them. Thick, amazing quality and not to mention they do not shed at all which is amazing. I have tried so many different companies online, from the most known ones and i have to say these do not compare any of them. I am more than pleased, I love my Cashmere Hair :) 

Best purchase ever!

Product: Dark Brown 20" Clip In Hair Extensions
Posted By: Missshana
Well worth the cost! Beautiful and high quality :)

Beautiful Extensions

Product: Brown 20" Clip In Hair Extensions
Posted By: Nicole
I received my hair extensions and couldn't wait to put them on. I have never worn hair extensions before, nor have I ever shopped for them. This is my first experience and I'm completely satisfied. I would definitely recommend these extensions and would also purchase them again in the future.

Convenient carry bag

Product: Cashmere Luxury Bag
Posted By: Nicole
This bag is a great way to keep your extensions neat and tidy. It's also makes your extensions very easy to travel with.

Great quality, easy to use
Product: Ash Blonde 20" Clip In Hair Extensions
Posted By: Natasha
I ordered cashmere hair in Canada and was impressed with the fullness, quality of hair and how easy they are to use. Great extensions at a reasonable price. Would recommend to anyone looking for extensions.

Best Match
Product: 9012Ombre 20" Clip In Hair Extensions 
Posted By: Marleny
I had been following this company since I saw them on Shark Tank about a year ago. I ordered a couple of swatches and then decided to order the 90210 Ombre, which perfectly matched my hair color. The quality of the hair is like no other extensions I have ever tried. They are truly the best for quality and color matching.

Phenomenal extensions!
Product: Malibu Blonde 20" Clip In Hair Extensions
Posted By: Michelene
The thickest and most luxurious extensions I have tried. I have a hard time telling which hair is mine and which are the extensions, the color match is so perfect. My hair dresser was even impressed. Highly recommend! 

Exceeded My Expectations!

Product: Golden Blonde 20" Clip In Hair Extensions 
Posted By: N/A
Hair looks so natural and perfectly matches my own hair. High quality and very easy to clip on, it takes me only 5 mins to put them on and I have hair I always dreamed of (my hair very thin and I was always trying to add volume)! Bottom line, this product really worth the money and I highly recommend it.

Bought It For My Girlfriend

Product: Beverly Hills Brunette 20" Clip In Hair Extensions
Posted By: Justin
I let her pick the color she wanted and bought it. Shipping is very quick, happy with that.
The quality is very good, but iv never owned or knew a person with extensions or other brands. But still very high quality to me.

Good swatch

Product: Swatch of Ash Blonde
Posted By: N/A
The ash blonde isn't one solid color.
Just what I was wanting.
The swatches are good sized.

Product: Swatch of Natural Blonde

Posted By: N/A
Just looking for the right color of hair. Their swatches are good sized.

Just So In LOVE With It

Product: 20” Clip In Hair Extensions
Posted By: Rimonda R
Your product has truly made a difference in my life. One week wearing the Cashmere Hair and my self confidence has sky rocketed. My 15 year old tells me this everyday. You guys are fantastic!

Thank You, Thank You.
Product: 20” Clip In Hair Extensions
Posted By: Michelene C
Thanks so much for rushing my extensions. I have a big event tonight and now I feel so freaking beautiful! The salon I went to have the extensions trimmed is one of the most prestigious in Boise. The stylists ohhhhed and ahhhhed over how thick they were. They LOVED them as do I. Thank you, Thank you.

The Holy Grail of Hair Extensions Dolls!
Product: Brown 20" Clip In Hair Extensions

Posted By: Krystina
First off, I paid for my extensions in full and am not being given anything for this review. I'm currently in my 20s and have been wearing clip in hair extensions pretty frequently for the last 6 years. I've also worn cold and hot fusions as well. My first pair I bought at Sally's in 2008 and have since have owned HeadKandy, Bellami, Zala and had Great Lengths & Donna Bella (Fusions). I have worn extensions that were my natural rich brown and platinum/ ash blonde (I use to be platinum). I feel I'm pretty versed in them to be able to say these are honestly worth every penny. Yes, many of the $200 dollar hair extension company’s state their hair is 200 grams and thick from top to bottom. The difference in Cashmere hair is that the cuticle is fully in tact and there is no coating on the hair whatsoever. Yes, even Bellami and Zala put a coating on their hair. The problem is when this "protective layer" of silicone or similar fades off (usually within a few weeks to a few months depending on use and heat styling) the hair has no cuticle to protect it as it was stripped off. That is why matting and excessive tangling occurs even when your just wearing them sitting at a desk at work. The hair is damaged from processing and has no cuticle left to protect it. You will notice more matting once that coating fades. I have had my Cashmere hair for 3 or 4 weeks now and I can tell you THEY DO NOT TANGLE !! Even with all the pieces in and wearing them for 8-10 hours a day, I was able to simply unclip them without having to struggle to untangle it from my hair or the other wefts. My natural hair is about 15 inches long and medium thickness so I have plenty of natural hair to tangle in the wefts but they don't! The hair flows so natural all day long. Lastly, The customer service was outstanding as my emails were answered very quickly and all my questions were answered honestly and thoroughly. It isn't a generic message or a script they stick to. You can tell they are extremely proud of their product and truly believe in it. Also, the color Brown is gorgeous! It is such a rich luxurious brown shade without being too dark. The undertones are so gorgeous. My sister already wants to color her hair this color. Honestly, I will never buy from another company again. I'm excited to visit my cousin in Manhattan who works at Rachel Zoe's Dream Dry and have him style these amazing extensions. He is already dying to see what I'm raving about. Buy these girls! You'll never buy another brand again.  

Product: Dark Brown 20" Clip In Hair Extensions

Posted By: Holly P
I got the extensions today. HANNNDS DOWN the best hair I've used and I've used it ALL. The ends....Wow. These are the best ends I've seen to date. Well done!

Incredible Hair

Product: Brown 20" Clip In Hair Extensions
Posted By: Barbara Oldrini
i'm so happy with this purchase, those are the best hair extensions on the market...i wear them every day because i can't "live" without...they are so soft so silky so beautiful that very one is asking because they don't believe those are extensions... i highly recommend ...simply wonderful..... and i'm just waiting to receive the other set i bought in ombre 20 color!!!! most of all the girls are so kind and always so helpful ... and most of all also the delivery is very quick and i live in Italy...

Excellent product and perfect color match

Posted by Robyn on 12th Jun 2014

I have tons of experience with hair extensions and this by far is the best set I have ever had. They are so thick that I usually only wear half of them and my hair looks perfect.

Cashmere is the highest quality

Product: 20" Clip In Hair Extensions 

Posted By: Britanee G

My best friend has bellami hair and I can always tell when she's wearing her extensions and they are no where near as thick as Cashmere Hair. Bellami is more brittle and acrylic looking while Cashmere Hair is natural and full, I get so many comments on how amazing my hair is and I always whisper in their ears "it's not my real hair" and they flip out! Hahaha, I love it. You really pay for what you get though. Bellami is definitely cheaper but Cashmere Hair is the highest quality. Hope this helps :) I was in the same boat as you once questioning which brand to buy!


Product: Sunset Blonde 20" Clip In Hair Extensions 
Posted By: Anonymous 

This is my first experience using clip in extensions. These (Sunset Blonde) matched my hair perfectly, they hold a great curl and look natural. They were very long, so I had them trimmed and layered by my hair stylist and they look great!

THE BEST extensions 

Product: 20" Clip In Hair Extensions 

Posted By: Ariana Leigh

Cashmere Hair has incredible clip-in extensions!! The hair is extremely thick & amazing quality! Hands down THE BEST extensions I have ever had!! Cashmere Hair has color swatches you may purchase to ensure you choose the perfect color match to your actual hair."

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my extensions
Product: Natural Blonde 20" Clip In Hair Extensions

Posted By: Linda
I received my shipment!!!!! I can honestly say the frustration and fretting were worth it!!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my extensions. They are everything your company claims and more. So easy to put in and you don't even know they are in except when you see your hair....the volume and beauty. Silky and gorgeous!

Highly recommend Cashmere Hair & Real Reviews!

Product: 20" Clip In Hair Extensions 

Posted By: Spayne24
I highly recommend Cashmere Hair over Bellami for sure!! My Bellami's shed like no other and probably about 2 months in were 1/2 if not more the thickness and tabgled and were just NOT good. Where I've had my Cashmere extensions for over 6 months and they are still perfect, the length has not changed, not the thickness...they shed some, but nothing near like bellami's did. Cashmere is totally worth the extra price AND the girls are amazing and have real reviews not paying bloggers to help. 

In love 

Product: Rodeo Drive Blonde 20" Clip In Hair Extensions
Posted By: Ashley

I have worn hair extensions for several years and cashmere hair is by far the best I have ever tried! They blend beautifully! Most extensions are so thin on the ends you can tell where your hair ends and the extensions begin but with cashmere the thickness extends all the way to the bottom! I am so happy with the purchase!

So many compliments!

Product: Starlet Brunette 20" Clip In Hair Extensions

Posted By: Gisela

I am so happy I decided to go through with Purchasing Cashmere HAIR Extensions. I received so many compliments the night I first wore them. They were so easy to apply once I figured out that the clips need to be popped open in order to apply them (I'm new to hair extensions). These extension are gorgeous, stay securely on, and are undetectable! Very pleased :)

Love these extensions!!

Posted by ES on 16th May 2014

I am in love with my new long hair. I am so glad to now have an OPTION for styling my hair. If I don't want long hair, then I don't "have" to have long hair so love the fact that they are clip-in. I took them to my stylist in order to get them cut and styled the first time. It looked great, but I was a bit discouraged because I never thought I'd be able to get them in good enough again (Where they didn't show). But let me tell you....I have been!! I am still working on styling them though...never been great at styling my own hair, but these are teaching me a few things! :) I ordered Sunset Blonde and the color is just gorgeous. My two sisters are amazed at how natural they look, too! The hair is soooo soft ....literally, "dream hair" I never would be able to grow on my own. Thank you for these. Yes, they are pricey, but so far, so worth it. I have ordered another "good brand" just recently, as I truly want to have a comparison. When I get those, I will write another review. I have a feeling these will supercede all of them, though. I will say this, though, it's nice to have the swatches, but when I paid the $15 for 3 different colors, I was still conflicted between 2 of the colors. What I wish CH would do (as the other companies do) is to allow pictures and video to be sent in....where they could help you match your hair. I sent in a video of myself in both bathroom lighting and sun lighting (along with photos) and the other companies were able to match my hair that way. But that's just my personal preference....could have saved the $15....or maybe it would be nice to be able to apply a portion of the swatch purchase to the extension purchase?? Just ideas... Overall, love them though!!!

Great Extensions!

Posted on 16th Mar 2014

Love these extensions. I have used many extensions in the past - and usually - to get the volume I want- would have to double over a weft and sew it myself - which was a long and painful process. These extensions are the perfect length and provide plenty of volume. I love them and wear them almost all the time. I plan to buy a second set to have one I wear for every day use and one I keep nice. Excellent product. So glad these are made. 


Posted by Sydney on 18th Jan 2014
After over 2 years and 3 different types of extensions I am so happy/ excited that i have found these. The color on the site that is shown is unbelievably realistic and they are hands down the thickest extensions I have ever come across! I am a faithful wearer and I wear them every single day and I totally love them. I get so many compliments and when I was in a local high end salon I got compliments from every hair dresser in there (the only reason I was in there was because my roots were bad) but I would recommend this product to any and everyone! I cant believe shark tank didn't pick you up.. but you don't need them!

Very satisfied customer

Posted by Kimberly on 13th Jan 2014

This product is fantastic. Quality is fabulous and there is an abundant amount of hair. I had Hairdreams bonded extensions. The extensions cost $1,000.00 for the hair and an additional $1,000.00 to have them put in. They ruined my hair. Cashmere clip in extensions are better in quality and way more amount of hair for such an incredible price and they don't cause any damage. I could not be happier!

Lovely product! 

Posted by Kay on 5th Jan 2014

Great customer service, great product! Fast shipping! Melissa and Rachel were wonderful answering my questions before my purchase. Extensions arrived and I LOVE them! High quality, and very easy to use!

You get what you pay for- WORTH every penny!

Posted by Melissa on 6th Jan 2014

I've worn almost every brand of clip in extension out there. Hands down, these are the best quality, thickest, perfect color match for my hair extensions I have found. Yes, they are more than I'm used to paying, but I am a forever customer. They feel soft and manageable right from the box, and after 2 weeks of wear, no fallout and they are still super soft. The color has highlights throughout, and matches my ombre hair perfectly. SO glad I stumbled across cashmere hair! My search for the perfect hair is over

Totally worth it!! 

Posted by Shannon  on 30th Dec 2013

I was very skeptic before purchasing just because they're so expensive. I had Bellami Hair before this and were a little less expensive, but didn't have any with highlights so, I would have to then go get them done by my stylist. I was not impressed with Bellami as they would get tangled super easy and the first time washing, about 1/3 the hair came out in my brush. Also, getting the 20" I'd say they are now easily less than 18". So, I decided to splurge on these because they had already highlighted, thick hair! I LOVE THEM! I've had them a little over a month and just washed the first time and maybe 2 strands of hair (out of all the wefts) came out! I am super super happy with them and their quality! Recommend!

Love the flexibility and quality of Cashmere Hair

Posted by: Michele May 7, 2014 
Just wanted to let you know how thrilled I am with my extensions!!!! I have worn keratin bonded extensions for the past three years and was really hesitant to give them up. After researching clip in extensions for what seemed like forever, I happened to see these on Shark Tank. I reached out to Melissa with at least 100 questions and she answered each and every question thoroughly and promptly. I decided to take the plunge and ordered, so happy I did. They are just beautiful! Since I was truly looking for volume – I asked my stylist – the very same one who has been doing my extensions for years, to cut them. She was so impressed by the quality, I think she felt guilty putting scissors to them. They are just perfect and my hair is full of volume. To be honest, I usually only wear three of the seven pieces at a time – that’s how full they are! I also thought it would be difficult to style these and would have to wear them curled all the time – not so – they actually look great straight and line up quite easily. I love experimenting with these since the options are endless, straight, curly, up-dos, ponytails etc. So much fun, makes you feel like you’re playing dress up all over again. Never thought I would give up my bonded extensions but to tell you the truth, I will never go back. 

Full, Thick, and Fabulous

Posted by Kyri on 12th Dec 2013

I've been wearing extensions for about 8 years now and have had fusions, beads, and multiple brands of clip-ins and have spent thousands on them all. These Cashmere clips in are by far the thickest and highest quality of hair I've ever had. Will definitely purchase more in the future!

Perfect Match

Posted by Leslie on 28th Dec 2013

I've never colored my hair and to be honest did not know that you could have inserts like these you could do yourself. Didn't understand the clip at first until I watched a video. I purchased Beverly Hills Brunette and you can't tell the difference between the extension and my natural color of hair. I have very thin fine hair and its a really nice product.

Great Quality

Posted by Unknown on 26th Jan 2014  

I got my hair matched at Fringe Salon in Bev Hills for free and then ordered online. Hair quality is fantastic, much better than any of the clip ins my friends have. I have not experienced any knotting what so ever and hair holds curls well. The extensions are full and lustrous from top to bottom. So full in fact I had to get them thinned out a bit because my hair is very very thin and when I tried them on at first you could tell where the extensions were laying on my head. It is a good idea for most people I imagine, to get them trimmed a bit to match your hair cut/style. I wear extensions for fullness not length and you get A LOT of hair with these I can't even wear all the clip ins at once (but again I have super thin hair.) I do really like that I have extra hair in different size clips for up-dos and different styles. Over all I am completely satisfied and would happily recommend to anyone.

Great Ombre Match

Posted byYvonne on 24th Jan 2014

Even though the extensions have a long brown area- they still blend perfectly with my Ombre (I have more highlights on top blended in). I wanted to try these before I bought $5000 extensions (non clip). However after wearing these a few times- I may not. My boyfriend loves them and said I have a sweet hippie look now. He likes the fact that I can take them out when I want to. I can't wait to wear them out for the first time.


Product: Ombre 20" Clip In Hair Extensions 

Posted By: Thy

Omg. I am in love with these ombre extensions!! I've worn clip in's for years and this is the best on the market. I'm a hair stylist so of course i'm always trying out new brands. I will definitely recommend these to all my clients. It curls really good, super thick, & the color is amazing. This is also the first time I don't have to tease my hair before putting the clips in! The clips are awesome. Love Love Love!!! 

I couldn't be happier!

Posted By: cheryl

I have always had thin hair, but it's worsened as I've gotten older. I am a bit overwhelmed with how much hair I have with cashmere extensions! In a good way, if course! It's the hair I've always wished for. The hair is gorgeous and the color a perfect match. I couldn't be happier!

Holy grail of hair extensions

Posted by Lia on 16th Feb 2014

Hands down the best hair extensions I've ever owned. Great hair, great service! I ordered Thursday night and Saturday afternoon my little black box arrived!

Great Product! Beautiful hair! 

Product: Starlet Brunette 20" Clip In Hair Extensions

Posted By: Jen

These extensions are wonderful. They are easy to put in even though I have fine/thin hair. The color matches very well. I also wanted to mention that the shipping was so fast. I received them within 3 days! Highly recommend! I will be ordering from Cashmere Hair again! THANK YOU!!

This is real luxury hair!

Posted By: Katie
"I have to be honest, when I came across these extensions on IG... I was shocked & disappointed when I saw that they were $399.  I quickly closed out of the website... but I found myself checking Cashmere hair's IG everyday to look at the beautiful photos of the hair.  Finally, after reading the FAQ's and reading all about the differences between Cashmere Hair & the mainstream brands... I knew I wanted to order.  I have tried almost every popular brand out there of clip ins... I ALWAYS end up dissatisfied... the hair usually lasts me about 3 months, yet it's supposed to be "the best of the market" .. so for me to spend double what I usually spend was a big deal.  When I received the Cashmere hair.. I instantly knew I made a great investment.  This hair is SO different.  It is luxurious, it is soft, thick from root to tip, the colors blend perfectly, the clips are so amazing... I don't even have to tease my hair from them to hold.  These extensions are NOT silicone coated to make them appear shiny, like the other brands.. this actually IS TRULY HEALTHY, LUXURIOUS hair that does not need a fake coating.  Now, I will not buy any other brand.. this is real luxury hair that will last me a long time! Thank you Cashmere hair for making a quality product!" 

This hair is A-1 top quality

Posted By: Anonymous
"I wish I knew about this before I spent lots of money on other extensions. I have worn hair extensions for many years and have tried them all and will say that Cashmere Hair is worth the extra money. My hair never looked more full and natural. The quality is like non other that I know of on the market. The extensions are extra thick full and silky unlike other thinner products with dry hair that breaks and tangles. This hair is A-1 top quality and blends with my own hair perfectly. I also really liked the clips. You can get more hair in them so they stay where you put them all day. They are so comfortable I forget I have them in. Others have pulled and irritated my scalp. I love it! I will never buy any other type of hair extensions as long as this is on the market."

Do Not Hesitate To Purchase! 

Posted By: LC
I have thin hair and have always wanted clip in extensions. I've purchased one other pair from a different company and wasn't impressed. The Cashmere hair extensions are great quality and are extremely thick. This is great because I have a smaller head and can't always use all of the tracks with my previous clip ins- So I couldn't get a lot of fullness/thickness. But with Cashmere hair even with only a few tracks my hair looks super thick & looks great! I had my hairstylist in LA apply them and color my hair to match last week and she said they were the best that she has seen! I've gotten so many compliments and no one can tell they're extensions! Thank you Cashmere ladies!

Gorgeous & amazing!

Posted By: Airn
I ordered cashmere hair and I LOVE it.  It is truly gorgeous and amazing.  Every single time I wear it I get tons of compliments on my hair.  This is my first venture into the hair extension world and I think I was lucky to stumble upon the best the first time around!

Cashmere Hair makes me feel AMAZING

Posted By: Anonymous
Just wanted to shoot you a quick note because I had a huge event on Wednesday where I was onstage for essentially 3 hours hosting an event in front of 1200 people in San Francisco – and I felt AMAZING thanks to my new Cashmere Hair! I've been getting SO many compliments its unreal. Just wanted to say thanks, and I'm so glad I discovered you guys via Shark Tank! That must have catapulted business for you. I've been continuing to spread the word to my girlfriends re: my "secret" :)

Wow, these are really thick!

Posted By: Chasa
Just want you to know that I am absolutely in love with these.  I am a Cashmere Hair customer for life!  I've used them all but these take the cake.  I went and had them professionally cut today and my hair girl just kept saying, "Wow, these are really thick!".  I may have to put a tad more gold into them but they are gorgeous and there is not other product out there that will beat these.

Beyond Thrilled!
Posted By: Valerie
Thank you so much for all of your help! The hair is so thick and amazing!!! The color matches perfectly! I can't even tell where my hair stops and the cashmere hair begins because it blends so perfectly! I'm am beyond thrilled with them :) Thank you!!!


Posted By: Donna
OH MY GOODNESS...SANTA (the mailman) CAME EARLY THIS YEAR!! I just received THE BEST HAIR EXTENSIONS I have ever seen thanks to Cashmere Hair! I have been researching hair extensions for OVER a year and almost ordered from another company and then I saw Cashmere Hair! They answered all of my 101 questions without making me feel like I was just a pain in their arses ;-) I could not get a single answer from ANY other company! Everything they advertise is true and BEYOND! The hair is so so silky, looks healthy, AND THE CLIPS...OMG!! The clips are small, (which was a must for me due to a chronic illness,) they hold strong and secure, but the clips can barely be felt. I ordered the Brown color, without swatching, because I could tell that they would be a PERFECT match...and they are!! I am a natural brunette, but people do not notice unless I am in the sun, that I have a large amount of red undertones just like Cashmere Hair’s Brown. I could go on and on, but I’m looking pretty damn silly moving around the house with just I clip in my hair - lol! Now it is time to style my hair and the extensions and put ALL of them in.

I will only wear Cashmere Hair!

Posted By: Jennifer
Without these extensions, my hair is almost a pixie from bleach damage. This year I will be trying to grow it out. I will only wear Cashmere Hair extensions throughout the process because the clips are light enough that they won't cause hair traction alcopea (whereas other brands have clips that are too heavy and have caused me bald spots) but these are just perfect. I will, however, be ordering some more soon because I recently decided to cut some of them and now miss their length! Anyways, thank you again. 

The best line of clip in hair extensions I have ever worn

Posted By: Claudia
There are honestly not enough good things I can say about Cashmere Hair! Being a model of many years, I have tried several different hair extension brands for photoshoots and events. Many brands fall short with hair either being too thin and making my overall appearance look cheap, the clips being too big and uncomfortable and after a couple brushes, my extensions would lose half of the hair! What a hassle after spending hundreds of dollars. After several attempts with different brands, I can honestly say Cashmere Hair is the best line of clip in hair extensions I have ever worn. The hair is thick and lush and feels like my own! I'm so pleased with these and will absolutely be recommending Cashmere Hair to both personal and industry friends. Not to mention, Rachel and Melissa genuinely care about each and every single of their customers. Their customer service is truly top notch. Thank you so much for such an amazing product, girls! Fan and customer for life. 

Miss New York Pageant!

Posted By: Britanee
My hair is very very thin and I wore these for the Miss New York Pageant for 3 days in a row and people had no idea it was not my real hair. Even the professional hair stylists didn't know." 


Posted By: Morgan
Love my hair!!! Seriously the best quality ever!!!

Loving my Cashmere Hair!

Posted By: Victoria
I love my Cashmere Hair! My own mama couldn't tell and I look younger and hotter (duh). Thank you Cashmere Homegirls!!!

I feel so girly

Posted By: Roopa
It was so fun wearing the extensions yesterday. I swear I got more attention in them, I felt so girly, lol. Seriously though it's insane how much more attention I get because of having long hair. It feels like I'm a big liar!

Color matched PERFECTLY!

Posted By: Amelia
I received my Cashmere Hair Extensions today and the color matched PERFECTLY!!!! I've worn real hair extensions for years and these are just as great! Thank you for all your help while I was trying to decide which brand to go with, I'm glad I stuck with my original choice and ordered from you ladies! Thanks and best of luck in the extension biz, I'll be sure order from ya'll again!


Posted By: Anastagia
I got the hair today!!! It's the perfect length, color, and great quality. I am thrilled that I found you guys, and will definitely spread the word! I am also in the hair business, and specialize in clip-in extensions, but mostly dealing with ethnic hair. Thanks again!

This is the best quality hair I've ever seen!

Posted By: Jennifer
I am freaking out - This is the best quality hair I've ever seen. It is beautiful. I'm in shock right now! The hair is so perfect! I feel like I should have paid several thousands of dollars for it! I will send a before and after if you would like. I have really damaged hair from bleaching though. Let me know. Again, so amazed with the quality of this hair... Also the packaging is so perfect!

Quality is all I can say!!

Posted By: Crystal
We as a customer always hope we are going to receive the quality that each brand promises but I can finally say i have found that with Cashmere Hair. These are the best hair extensions I have ever felt and worn. I am thrilled with how these extensions look, feel, & style! Can't wait to show all my girlfriends!

Soft and Thick

Product: Sunset Blonde 20" Clip In Hair Extensions
Posted By: Jennifer
This is my second set of hair extensions. My first set (now worn out) was from a different company. Cashmere hair is beautiful, soft and thick. I LOVE the way it feels. I have to take away one star because I feel like the various shades could have been blended a little more thoroughly. Closer to the clips you can almost see a stripped effect. I would never highlight my hair this way, so I really don't want extensions to look like this. If I had one recommendation, it would be that the extensions would be offered in a shorter length. Not everyone is buying extensions for the length. I am buying them to give my hair more thickness. It pains me to cut off 6" of this beautiful hair (that I paid for) to get it to a length I desire.


Product: The Cashmere Brush
Posted By: N/A


Product: Cashmere Luxury Bag
Posted By: N/A


Product: Extension Shine Spray
Posted By: N/A

Best extensions I've ever purchased
Product: Bronzed Ombre 20" Clip In Hair Extensions 
Posted By: N/A
I've tried a variety of extensions, yet these are the best I've come across. The quality of the hair and the clips are amazing. I'm extremely happy with my purchase. This bronze ombré is unreal. I love it. Shipped fast over all a great experience .

Product: Swatch of Natural Blonde 
Posted By: Katherine
Matched my hair perfectly! It feels so thick and clean. Not fake looking whatsoever. Can't wait to buy my extensions oh so soon!

Worth EVERY Penny!

Posted By: Jenny
Just received my Cashmere Hair Extensions.  These are the softest & thickest extensions I have had my hands on and worth EVERY penny!!! Its so hard finding hair in Australia & so pleased you guys ship internationally!

So worth the $$!

Posted By: Jennifer
Got my hair today and I'm SO impressed at how thick it is!!! You don't even need to wear that many of them so worth the $$

Best Brush!

Posted By: Ashleigh
I received my brush yesterday and wanted to say thank you so much it's so beautiful and the best brush I have ever used!!! I thought the Mason Pierson brushes were good but they have nothing on your amazing 1!!

Great Quality!

Posted By: Carey Lynn
The quality of the hair is thick from beginning to ends, the tutorial is very helpful and the amount of hair is abundant! I love your packaging, care tips and quick responses to my questions.  Thank you so much for giving my hair body, thickness and glamour! I've always had fine hair and these extensions make a tremendous impact on my look :)

I love them!

Posted By: Laurel
I received today! Thank you so much! They are the exact color of my hair!!!! I love them! Thanks again!

I'm in LOVE!!!!!!!

Posted By: Dani
I'm in LOVE!!!!!! Aaaaaah I'll never go back to Sally's. lol. Loving my hair. 

Luxury hair at its finest!

Posted By: Fawn
These clip in extensions are luxury hair at its finest. You can wear them everyday or just for special occasions. My hair is really fine and they stay in amazing. Also I am not even wearing the whole set. You get a ton of hair!

These extensions are insane!

Posted By: Danielle

Just wanted to say that I washed the extensions, and trimmed the ends slightly, and WOW!!!! These extensions are insane. I am blown away. The curl is also holding 100x better, and I sprayed them with a bit of hairspray. Thank you so much. I feel like a goddess.

Completely above and beyond my expectations

Product: 20" Clip In Hair Extensions

Posted By: Jan
Received my clip ins yesterday and just wanted to thank you! The color is a perfect match!! It’s so close that it’s hard to tell the difference between my hair and the clips!! The quality is amazing too. The hair is so soft and silky and the ends are cut so naturally. I really couldn’t be more pleased with both the customer service and your product. It’s completely above and beyond my expectations. Many thanks. 

LOVE my Cashmere extensions!!

Product: 20" Clip In Hair Extensions 

Posted By: N/A
I absolutely LOVE my Cashmere extensions!! Thank you for your amazing service and prompt delivery. My extensions came two days after I ordered them! I am so excited and I can't thank you enough!

I can for sure say these are the best hair extensions on the market

Product: 20" Clip In Hair Extensions 

Posted By: Barbara O
I’m just writing you to let you know I’ve received your gorgeous extensions some days ago. I’ve already worn them so many times…I love them!!!!!!!!! I opened the box and I was breathless…they are so soft so silky so stunning beautiful, and moreover the clips are fantastic. I can for sure say these are the best hair extensions on the market. Thank you very much for everything, I will for sure buy another set but at the end of June because I’m moving to Spain and i don’t wanna risk to not receive them in Italy in time before I leave. SO AGAIN THANKS THANKS THANKS

Clips I hardly noticed, color was perfect, and very pretty!

Product: 20" Clip In Hair Extensions 

Posted By: Brittany x
Just wanted to let you guys know I just received your hair extensions. Unlike a lot of girls you probably deal with, I actually normally spend more money on mine than I do yours. I found your hair through some searching online. Watched your YouTube videos and was surprised at the quality I saw. Decided to try them out, considering half the price I pay now. I wore them today and the clips I hardly noticed, color was perfect, and very pretty! I will write you in a approximately one month to see how they are compared to the other hair in long term but so far I am happy :). I have had hair I loved in beginning than shortly after sucked, although I usually regardless get new hair every other month because I like new.I like what you girls are doing, you seem very sweet, and I am happy to support you and give you my feedback. Normally, I would not take the time to write this.

I am in love with my extensions

Product: 20" Clip In Hair Extensions 

Posted By: александра е
Hair extensions are amazing! Thank you so much for good communication and high quality hair. I am in love with my extensions. 


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