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Beads hold I-Link and Flat-Tip Hair Extensions in place for a smooth, polished look. Get 360 degrees of movement and ultimate styling potential with Donna Bella’s 3 types of Hair Extension Beads.

    What makes Donna Bella's Beaded Hair Extension methods unique? It's our variety of high quality hair extension beads that offer a secure, natural hold by holding the hair extension strand in place.

    Installation tips:
    • Place the beads onto the nylon loop of the Loop Tool to easily thread the beads onto the hair.

    • Use the Hair Extension Tool to crimp the beads three times - once in the center and once on each of the sides.
    • Ready to remove the beads? Uncrimp the beads by squeezing them open with the Hair Extension Tool.
    Learn more about Beaded Hair Extension installation here.

    Donna Bella offers three
    types of beads:

    Grooved - interlocking grooves inside the bead provide ultra hold
    Shop Grooved

    Silicone - the inner lining is made of silicone for a soft and gentle grip
    Shop Silicone

    Flare - the perfect bead for fine, thin hair. Flare beads have a longer shape
    Shop Flare

    With several colors to choose from, blending and concealing the beads is easy. Available in six bead colors:
    • Black
    • Light Brown
    • Dark Brown
    • Blond
    • Medium Brown
    • Red Wine
    All our beads are 3.5mm in diameter. 100 beads per jar.

    Donna Bella's beaded hair extension methods are installed with the Loop Tool and the Hair Extension Tool.

    The Loop Tool is used to thread the beads onto small sections of hair. Donna Bella's Loop tool is made of nylon and can hold as many as 50 beads at a time - much more than other leading brands of hair extension tools.
    Shop Loop Tool

    The Hair Extension Tool is used to crimp beads to secure the hair extension. The Hair Extension Tool is made of stainless steel and has easy-to-grip handles.
    Shop Beaded Tools

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