3 Easy Heatless Summer Hairstyles

Do you ever browse through Pinterest and drool over those pretty photos of updos and hairstyles with flowers, wishing that could be you? We surely do! This is why we're so excited to share this new hair tutorial with you.

Our beautiful friend Karin shows 3 stunning and super easy ways to wear flowers in your hair this summer. These hairstyles look intricate enough to wear for a wedding or a special occasion, but are actually SO easy to create, that they are also great for every day. Did we mention they're heatless?

Karin wears her Dirty Blonde #luxyhair extensions for highlights in her hair, but of course these hairstyles can work on your own hair as well. Recreate and post your favorite look from this video on Instagram and tag us @luxyhair. We always feature our favorites!

Products used in this tutorial:

Dirty Blonde

Length: 20" inches

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Luxy Hair

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