3 Stunning Updos That You Can Do Yourself

Do you ever look at pretty updo hairstyles and think "man, I wish I could do that on myself"? I think we've all been there. 

Although majority of those stunning hairstyles look complicated, and like something only a professional hairstylist would be able to create, the reality is - if these hairstyles are broken up into steps, they are actually pretty easy to do!

Today is our lucky day, because our beautiful friend Missy Sue does just that in this week's tutorial. Watch the video below to see how she creates these 3 stunning updos step by step. These hairstyles are perfect for any special occasion and could even be your perfect wedding hairstyle.

Updo #1

Updo #2

Updo #3

Which one of these updos is your favorite? We'd love to see how they look on you, so be sure to tag @luxyhair in your photos on Instagram!


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Liliya Kay

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