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Bun Hairstyles: 17 Top Knots For Every Hair Type

The top knot will be your best friend on the second or third day of your hair cycle and is a great way of pulling all your hair away from your face while still looking ultra chic and put together. The top knot is a go-to style for literally every hair type and whether your hair is curly or straight, long or short, thin or thick, we’re confident there’s a top knot out there that will look absolutely fabulous on you!

If you’re looking for inspiration to achieve this look, follow along for 17 of our favourite bun hairstyles. Your hair will thank you for the much needed break, we promise! 

1. One-Minute Half Up Top Knot

To begin, we’ll walk you through a super simple top knot – the one minute messy half updo. For those with fine hair, be sure to clip in Luxy Hair extensions while creating this look so that once the top half of the hair is pinned up there is still plenty of hair left down. Lucky for you, with this look, messier is better so you don't have to be too careful. Be sure to tease the hair before wrapping it into a bun and to pull at the bun to add volume and give the hairstyle an even more undone look. For a step-by-step guide to achieve this look, check out our tutorial for the one-minute messy top knot.

2. Jess Conte-Inspired Top Knot

If the half up top knot is one of your go-tos and you're looking for something a little different, try out this braided top knot inspired by @jessconte. We love that this look pulls all the hair out of your face and that it still works flawlessly with short hair. The braid adds an extra detail and makes the style appear girly and flirty. Click here for a full tutorial on how to re-create this look. All you’ll need is 5-6 bobby pins, a clear hair elastic and an optional set of Luxy Hair extensions depending on the look you’re trying to achieve.

3. Voluminous Top Knot

The key to a swoon-worthy top knot is volume, and luckily, even girls with fine hair can achieve this with a few tips and tricks. We love adding a few wefts of our Luxy Hair extensions into our hair to ensure a full-looking bun. To style Luxy Hair extensions with an updo, be sure to clip the wefts in following the direction the hair is going. Most often with updos, this means to clip the wefts in upside down. For a step-by-step guide on how to master this technique, be sure to check out our tutorial for an easy, voluminous bun.

4. Top Knot With Bangs

Wispy front bangs have taken over our Instagram feeds in recent months, but one of our favourite ways to see them styled is with a top knot. For all our Luxy Hair ladies who already have bangs, this style is as simple as it gets. Simply twist your hair into a top knot, fasten with an elastic and allow your bangs and a few face framing layers to fall naturally. For anyone who's on the fence about getting bangs, check out our Luxy Hair hack video on how you can fake the look with your own hair. This is a great way to test the style before fully committing to it.

5. Jennifer Lopez Inspired Sleek Topknot

Jennifer Lopez is the queen of a sleek top knot, and with our tips and tricks, you can be too! We are obsessed with how polished and chic a top knot like this looks. It’s a great way to change up a look and it’s one of the best ways to show off your cheekbones and highlighter. To achieve this sleek topknot, use a smoothing mousse and slick your hair into a tight bun. For step-by-step instructions to achieve the look, check out our Jennifer Lopez hair tutorial.

6. Reverse Braid Top Knot

Source: @fakander

For those looking for a top knot that’s a little more advanced, one of our all time favourites is the reverse French braid top knot. To achieve the look simply flip your hair upside down and French braid from the nape of your neck towards the crown of your head and then secure the remaining hair with an elastic. Use a round chignon tool to help shape the bun and pin in place. For a detailed guide on how to create this stunning topknot, be sure to check out our reverse braid tutorial.

7. The Satin Top Knot

Source: @carmushka

If you don’t have the time to add a braid into your top knot, another one of our favourite styling tips is to use a hair accessory. A satin ribbon is absolutely timeless and is the perfect trick to making a top knot appear ultra chic and different. Simply follow the usual steps to create a top knot and either tie the ribbon around the bun or around the crown of your head to achieve the look. Click here for some more creative ways to use a scarf in your hair, especially if you have short hair.

8. Hair Bow Topknot

Source: @ameliecheval31

For a topknot that is a little more bold and eccentric, one of our all time favourites is the hair bow top knot. This look is absolutely adorable and definitely a simple and unexpected way to doll up an outfit for a special occasion. Rather than using a classic accessory, why not make your hair the accessory? Check out our hair bow tutorial to achieve the look.

9. The Glitzy Topknot

Source: @lenabogucharskaya

The top knot is undeniably versatile and you can definitely style it in a messy, undone way for an everyday look or make it more polished and sleek for an elegant evening look. If you’re in search of inspiration for a formal occasion, one of our favourite tips is to add a glitzy hair accessory. Whether your hair is curly, straight, thin or thick, adding a sparkly clip to a top knot like this will always add instant sophistication and class. Here are a few more of our fave hair accessories and how to style them this winter. 

10. Easy Twisted Bun 

This laid back, easy-going hairstyle is ideal for every girl on the go. It takes approximately 8.5 seconds to do (
we kid!) but in all honesty, this look is easy to wear, we’re confident you will be rocking it more than you think. The bonus? if you’re a hair styling rookie, this look is simple to achieve and perfect for days when you want a little extra sleekness. 

P.S. Don’t forget to pull out a few face-framing strands to make this hairstyle look even more effortless.

11. Top Knot + Scrunchie Combo 

We love how ‘90s accessories are making such a big and bold comeback—especially statement silk scrunchies! Scrunchies add a casual feel to your outfit no matter what you’re wearing. What better way to wear this throwback trend than by combining it with a good ol’ top knot! A simple bun paired with a cozy silk scrunchie? This look reaches a whole new level of comfort, IMHO. Comfortable, and looks super chic. What else could you ask for? 

12. Topknot with face-framing layers

We’ve already seen how stunning a top-knot and bangs combo looks. When you add in face-framing layers to the mix, you can rest assured that your #hairoftheday will be one for the books. If you want to get this look without the commitment of cutting your bangs, don’t worry. We got you! Check out our clip in bangs and pick your best shade of bangs and achieve this look in minutes.

13. Half-Up Half-Down 

This is the kind of hairstyle that goes perfectly with cute sweatsuits, tie-dye hoodies, and oversized tees. A half-up half-down bun demands little perfection and plays on the volume and length of your hair for a look that you will love to wear again and again. So don’t forget to clip your hair extensions in for this one, ladies! 

14. Elegant Low Bun 

The elegant low bun could easily be tagged the royalty of the hair bun society! It combines grace, and effortlessness like no other. No wonder this hairstyle is so popular with modern brides. Whether messy or sleek, an elegant low bun can be easily accessorized with flowers, bejewelled hairpins, rhinestone headbands, and more. Think of it as a canvas that helps you emphasize your personality through your favorite accessories. 

15. Trendy Messy Bun

Who knew a mess could look this beautiful?! This bun is beautifully calculated to be the right amount of messy. Not too much that makes your mom question the last time you combed your hair, and not too little, either. For a look like this, hair volume plays a key role–so if you’re looking for the perfect layers to level up your messy bun, consider adding a few hair extensions or a volumizer weft.

16. Claw Clipped Bun  


Another ‘90s accessory that makes wearing your hair up oh-so-simple. From Hailey Beiber, Bella Hadid, Kaia Gerber, and more—the claw clip is sliding its way back into our dresser drawers and we’re not complaining. What we love about this trend is the variety of hair clips you can use—solid, tortoise, pearl-encrusted, mini, metallic, and more. We like to think of it as a clip for every mood. This easy-to-wear, trendy hair accessory can be your savior on days where you want to put your hair up without any effort. Definitely sounds like our kind of hair accessory, what about you?

17. Braided Bun 

Is there anything more pleasing to the eye than beautifully braided hair? We think not! (Don’t @ us, you know how much we love our braids!) The next time you want to wear your hair up in a bun, consider adding a braid (or two) for a little extra character. It will help elevate your look and add give a truly #InstaWorthy hairstyle. 

We’re sure you’re thinking—so many top-knots, so little time! These top knots aren’t just your best option to style third-day hair but are also so easy to do, and comfortable to wear. We almost subconsciously put our hair up in a bun when we get down to do work at home, run errands, or delve into a good book. These hairstyles will keep you on-trend, cozy, and are fuss-free. What else could you ask for?!

Which one of these top-knot hairstyles would you try first? If you re-create any of your favorites be sure to tag us @luxyhair! We love seeing your looks! 

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