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Looking for a change this fall? Experts weigh in on the hottest hair trends this year.

That first cool, crisp whisper of a breeze in early September is enough to bring anyone back to reality, reminding us that Summer doesn't last forever. And while some may be in denial until the last red leaf floats to the ground, we recommend embracing the Fall season with a full hair revamp. After all, Fall signifies a time for change, and as all women know, changing up your hair is the ultimate sign of inner and outer transformation—just ask any woman who's gone through a breakup and gotten bangs or chopped off her hair. 

So, what are some fall hair trends for 2019? While last year was a time to experiment with length and color, we predict seeing a continuous momentum toward individuality, and expressing oneself through hair. 

Fall hair trends 2019: haircut trends

1. Blunt bobs

You may remember the shaggy, layered lob rising in popularity last year, and shorter lengths are still trendy this fall. The ever-popular lob is predicted to get a chic update this year, however, as stylists like GHD ambassador Zoe Irwin predict a more blunt, precisely cut version making its rounds. The mid-length bob will also give way to a shorter version, falling just above the nape of the neck. Instead of styling the lob with textured waves opt for a straightened style to show off those sharp edges. 

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2. Straight hair

Speaking of straight hair, Frankie Moody, senior hairstylist at Jo Hansford Salon told InStyle she predicts super straight hair making a comeback this fall. Say goodbye to those loose waves and beachy curls, and embrace sleeker, shinier 'dos, especially on shorter cuts.

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3. Hair clips and hair accessories

If you've been paying any attention to hair trends this year, you'll know that hair clips have made a comeback in a big way, with women wearing more grown-up versions of those snap clips we used to wear in grade school. From hair clips adorned with pearls and rhinestones, to edgier versions featuring statement words and letters, hair clips, as well as other nostalgic hair accessories like scrunchies and headbands, are key fall hair trends you won't want to miss out on. Need to start your own collection of hair chips for the fall? Check out our Luxy Hair Limited Edition Hair Clips here

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4. Top knots

It's time to rejoice, because top-knots are back in! The trick to the top knot this fall season, however, is a perfectly undone style, rather than its sleeker counterpart. To get the look, tie your hair up into a ponytail, then messily create your top knot, leaving the ends loose. Add a bit of texturizing spray for an even grittier look. 


5. Glossy hair

Highlighted, dewy skin is still in, and this look has transferred to hair as well. While we saw women embracing salty hair and messy waves in the spring and summer, sleeker hairstyles will make a comeback this fall, achieved with shine boosting hair glosses. According to Harper's Bazaar, Celebrity stylist Chris Appleton swears by Color Wow's Dream Coat Spray to eliminate frizz and boost shine while blow drying. Then, use a hair serum  to smoothen flyaways. The result? Smooth, glassy, drool worthy hair that reflects in the sunlight. 

6. Curtain bangs

Getting bangs isn't just reserved for a moment of self-discovery—bangs are increasing in popularity as a fall hair trend, from choppy bangs to the more feminine curtain bangs. The trick to keeping this style modern is a bit of texture and a slightly messy finish. 


7. Air dried waves

Although smooth and sleek will be a big hair trend for fall 2019, those effortless air-dried French girl waves aren't going anywhere, so take a deep breath! If you're still rocking that textured lob or have longer hair, opt to use Mother Nature as your hair tool, by letting your hair air dry and embracing its natural wave. The trick to achieving air dried hair without the frizz lies in the right products from the start. We love The Ouai's Airy Dry Foam, which works with your natural texture to reduce frizz while drying, yet achieving that perfectly undone, effortless wave.


Fall hair color trends for 2019

1. Try out lowlights

Lowlights are a great way to go darker for the fall without committing to dyeing all your hair. Lowlights are exactly the opposite of highlights: they are darker pieces of hair, dyed underneath layers and around the neck to provide dimension and movement to the hair. They're a great way to give the hair a richer, vibrant look, and fight faded highlights from sunny summer days. Opt for darker lowlights under layers with finer pieces in the front to frame your face. Remember, darker shades tend to be a lot warmer than the cool, ashy toned blonde you may have been sporting this summer—you don't have to completely kiss your sunny locks goodbye, though. Adding lowlights is a great way to maintain some of that sun-kissed feel while still transitioning into an updated fall style.

2. Add a root shade

What was once a hair no-no is now a full-fledged fall hair color trend, made popular by the likes of Kim Kardashian. A root shade is a darker color applied only to the roots of your hair, making it look like your hair color is growing out. While no one wants their roots showing, a root shade, when done correctly, is a perfect way to add depth and dimension to your hair color for fall, while gradually transitioning your hair color to those deeper, darker hues.

3. Consider the autumn palette

Once fall hits, you may find yourself asking, "what color should I dye my hair?" Simply look around you to find inspiration! As the weather gets colder, colors get warmer. The fall color palette includes beautiful burnt reds, warm golden tones, chocolate hues, and deep browns. Expert Women's Colorist Brenneman Anderson advises using adjectives like golden, sun-kissed, rich, and soft when describing the type of warm color you’d like, to ensure that you end up with that perfect shade. This fall season, hair color trends like red accents in brown hair, copper strands, strawberry blondes and pink undertones are surefire way to make heads turn. Also, the most important thing to consider when choosing your new hair color is to match your natural hair color, and simply go a few shades darker.

4. Consider your skin tone and eye color

Skin tone plays a big role in which fall hair color will look the best on you, and your hair color has the power to affect your entire look. While Instagram is a great place to start for fall hair color inspiration, we recommend looking at models and celebs who have a similar complexion as you. What may work on one person, may wash you out. On the other hand, the right hair color can bring out your best features without you even trying! The first step to picking your perfect shade is to understand your skin tone. There are three classifications for skin tones: warm, cool, and neutral.

The fastest way to tell is to take a look at the veins in your wrist: if they’re blue, you’re cool-toned; if they’re green, you’re warm-toned. Or, do a quick color test by holding up a shirt in a shade of blue or green beside your face, then holding one up in a shade of yellow or red. If your skin looks better beside the blue or green shirt, you have cool-toned skin, otherwise, you're warm toned. If your skin looks great beside both shades, you likely have neutral toned skin.

For cool skin tones, you don't need to go much darker with your hair color, as this could come off quite harsh—stick to darker purple and blue based hair colors like champagne blonde, strawberry blonde, or deep golden blondes. If you have a warm skin tone, try out earthy colors like ebony brown and mocha brown, with golden or red highlights. Of course, the best way to choose a hair color that works with your complexion is to have a consultation with a professional colorist before taking the plunge. 

5. Go darker progressively

Dyeing your entire head a dark color in one go may seem tempting, but it can be a shocking change for most; the best way to avoid color regret and to ensure healthy locks along the way, is to darken your hair progressively. Darkening your hair one shade at a time will ensure that your new hair color doesn't look too forced or unnatural (unless that's the look you're going for). Dye your hair one shade darker each appointment and slowly work towards your color goal.

6. Play with color

Sometimes, a small change makes a big impact. You don't necessarily need to go dramatically darker, but simply bring out that dimension and added warmth in your hair. Like the root shade suggested above, we recommend to play with ombres, sombre (soft ombre), and balayage hair colors to warm up your hair color this fall.

7. Get a glaze

Instead of permanently dyeing your hair darker for the fall, try a hair glaze instead. This is a great way to tone your hair and warm it up, without the permanency of traditional dyes. Hair glazes sit on top of the cuticle and coat the hair with added pigment, boosting your natural hair color while adding shine and gloss.

8. Don’t forget about the brows!

Remember that dyeing your hair darker means you need the brows to match. You’ll either need to find a new product to fill your brows in with, or you’ll need to tint them to match. For the most natural look, the general rule of thumb is to pick a shade that matches the lightest highlight in your hair. Be sure to visit a brow professional to have them assess your eyebrows for the perfect tint. Most brow bars use vegetable-based dyes that come in shades of black, dark brown, and light brown so you can be sure to find the perfect complement to your new fall hair color. 

9. Color treated hair needs TLC

It's no secret that dyeing your hair dries it out. Keep your hair looking healthy and shiny by using hair products specifically designed for color-treated hair. These products are more moisturizing and nourishing than regular shampoos and conditioners while preserving your pigment. Opt for an alcohol-free and sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner, which will be less likely to strip the hair of its color or dry it out even more. 

Of course, the more you wash your hair, the more your color will seep out, and the faster your new hair color will fade, so use dry shampoo whenever possible to space out your hair washes and give your color a break.

 Finally, give color depositing shampoos a try if you feel that your hair color is fading quickly. These products act as a stain for your hair and are very temporary, but are a great solution for those times you just can't make it to the hair salon.

10. Skip the heat

Go easy on the heat when styling your hair as this is a big factor in fading color. Opt to air dry rather than hair dry and refrain from using hot styling tools, as these can scorch the hair, open up the ends, and cause the dye to slip out. If you must use hot tools, use a low to medium heat setting (we recommend 120C/250F.) Check out our tips for fun heatless hairstyles, and try curling your hair without heat!

Best fall hair trends 

Now that you know how to go darker for the fall, how about some inspiration on which colors are trending this fall and winter? 

Vibrant reds

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The weather may be cooling down, but hair colors are heating up this fall. Acccording to L.A. hair colorist Anthony Holguin, rich, warm reds are making a comeback in a big way this season. Scattered all over the runways during New York Fashion Week this past September, think bright coppers if you're willing to go all the way or rich auburn highlights. Keep in mind, these shades will require multiple sessions at the salon to preserve the integrity of the hair, and will require touch ups every few weeks to keep that hair color looking fresh.

Dusty Blondes

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While the majority of colors will be darker and richer, brighter colors won't be abolished completely. If you love your lighter ashy hair color and simply need to update it, try adding in some warmth to achieve a beige, matted color this fall. If you're a brunette, dusty blonde highlights or balayage are the perfect way to add that extra dimension without going even darker.

Exposed roots

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As previously mentioned, a natural showed root is the perfect way to transition summer to fall without the sudden transition to darker hair. If you naturally have lighter colored hair and don't wish to go darker for the fall, have your stylist add in a softly exposed root for that extra dimension.

Cold Brew Balayage

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Think of adding cream to your coffee and gently swirling it around, creating beautiful ribbons of gold. Just like the name suggests, this new balayage technique mimics swirling those golden and brown tones down the hair, and is especially perfect for those with dark hair that can't go any darker for the fall. Have your stylist add extra golden tones around your face for a beautiful face-framing look.

Golden Reds

Not quite as in-your-face as the vibrant coppers mentioned earlier, golden reds tend to play up golden undertones in your hair while adding a splash of rose gold and red. Be sure to go outside during sunset if you try this fall hair color out, and watch the colors pop!

Rich, Glossy Browns 

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Popularized by Kim Kardashian and co., those one-note glossy browns are trending hard this fall. Since this hair color is one note, to ensure that your color doesn't fall flat, be sure to get a glaze every few weeks to keep your hair looking rich and vibrant.

Warm Bronde

Can't decide between brown or blonde? How about both? Bronde is the perfect combination of brown and blonde, and is a great way to add a golden hue to brown hair this fall. If you already have lighter hair, adding golden brown lowlights will instantly add that extra dimension, while brunettes can have a bit of blonde fun too!

What are your favorite fall hair color trends and tips? We'd love to hear from you! Be sure to send us a DM on Instagram at @luxyhair or show off your fall hair color with the hashtag #myluxyhair.

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