Hair Growth: How To Grow Your Hair Past That Awkward Point

When it comes to growing out your hair, it can become quite the mission. Whether your stylist insisted on cutting your hair way too short (and you almost had a hair meltdown), or your hair is at that awkward in-between growing phase from a lob to long hair, we understand the struggle.

Whatever your reason to wanting to grow your hair out fast, here are some tips to growing out your hair back to that long, full goodness. 

1. Get Regular Trims

A lot of people are surprised when they hear this because it seems counterintuitive, however, if your hair has many split ends, this stunts the hair's growth as the ends are constantly splitting and breaking higher and higher. Although your hair is growing from the roots, it is breaking off from the ends, leading to the hair getting stuck at the same length with no growth.

Trimming those wispy, split, dead ends off also makes your hair appear fuller, and by association, longer. When you are in that in-between growth phase get regular trims and just have your stylist “dust” the bottom of your hair to trim off any brittle ends. You will be shocked at how much fuller your hair will appear!

2. Avoid Heat Styling

As we're all aware, constantly styling your hair with heat damages it, making it much harder to grow. We suggest to either let your hair air-dry and go au-naturel when you can, or turn your heat styling products down to medium heat (about 250F) to minimize the risk of damage and overheating. Make sure to use a heat protectant whenever heat styling your hair as well for that added protection. Check out our top three natural heat protectant here.

Ready to go heatless? Check out this tutorial to achieve five easy haristyles using zero heat, all in one minute.

3. Use A Silk Pillowcase

It's time to treat yourself like a princess that you are and get yourself a silk pillowcase to sleep on. According to Kardashian hairstylist Jen Atkin, the silk fabric “keeps the cuticle layer of the hair intact, and doesn’t cause the friction that traditional pillow cases do." This leads to smoother hair in the morning, allows for your hair to breathe through the night, and leads to healthier, longer hair in the future. If you don’t feel like investing in a new pillowcase, another option is to tie your hair in a loose bun with a scrunchie at the top of your head, to avoid tangles and friction on your pillowcase through the night.

4. Use Hair Masks Weekly

Just as you treat yourself to a weekly face mask, it is important to give your hair the same love and attention. Weekly hair masks will help nourish and strengthen your hair and ultimately, help it grow much quicker. Focus on hair masks that moisturize deep into the hair shaft, or give your hair an extra boost of strengthening protein, to help with hair growth. The best part? Some of our most recommended hair masks are recipes from all natural products which you can make right at home, like these five DIY hair masks

5. End Your Shower With A Cold Water Rinse

Hear us out. While most of us don’t like to be blasted with cold water after a nice hot shower, this major hair-hack helps smoothen the outer layer of the hair, preventing further heat damage and creating healthier hair in the long term. Even if it's only for a couple of seconds, a quick blast of cold water will do wonders for your hair, making it stronger and much quicker to grow. Give it a try... we promise you'll be converted! 

6. Try Hair Supplements

We promise this isn’t as scary as it seems. When you hear the words “supplements” and “hair” in the same sentence, you may be a little apprehensive, but there are many natural vitamins and products on the market that contribute to hair growth. These supplements include ingredients like Omega-3, vitamin B, biotin, and iron, which are vitamins and minerals to help your hair grow longer, thicker, and faster in a healthy way.

7. Brush Your Hair With More Care

Brushing your hair too much 
can actually cause physical damage to your hair and prevent it from growing as quickly. Similar to how you brush your Luxy Hair extensions, start by brushing your hair at ends and work your way up to your scalp to work any knots out with ease. After washing your hair, brush your hair from bottom to top with a wide tooth comb and with utmost care, as the hair is its more fragile state when it is wet, and prone to breakage if brushed too aggressively.

8. Switch To A Microfiber Towel

Similar to a traditional pillowcases, bath towels also your hair to pull and break from the friction of the towel. Since we tend to wrap our hair tightly in a towel after a showering, this can cause those fragile strands of hair around your face to break and damage without you even knowing it. Microfiber is a synthetic fiber that is extremely fine, and towels made from this material are much more absorbent than traditional towels. While microfiber towels are not as fluffy as the towels you may be used to, they absorb moisture quickly from your hair without rubbing harshly—just a few pats over your head is all you need. This leads to less frizz, hair that dries faster, all around healthier hair, and faster hair growth.

9. Make Use Of Hair Extensions

Of course, the above are all solutions that work in the long term. If you want instant length, w are the way to go to conquer that “awkward” growth phase. When wearing your Luxy Hair extensions with shorter hair, it is important for them to blend seamlessly with those shorter layers, so we recommend to take your extensions to your hairstylist and have them layer the extensions into your hair for that seamless blend as your hair grows out. 

Our beautiful friend Pia rocks a fabulous lob, but as any short haired gal knows, it only takes a few months for a lob to go from fab to drab as it begins to grow out. Click here for Pia's personal tips on how to grow your hair past that awkward phase and how she uses Luxy Hair extensions to combat this. Or, if you'd like to learn how to clip and blend your Luxies in with your shorter hair, check out her tutorial here.

10. Stay Realistic With Your Goals

As you can see, there are many ways to help grow your hair out past that awkward length, but it may take some time for you to see the fruits of your labour. Don’t get discouraged! Focussing on putting more love into your hair and the way you take care of it on a daily basis will go a long way. As hair typically only grows about a 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch every month, patience is key. If you're experiencing difficulties growing out your hair after giving our recommendations a try, be sure to check out this article for reasons why your hair may not be growing and how to tackle these issues.

Have you grown your hair past that awkward length? Do you have any personal tips to make your hair grow faster? 

Written By: Natalie Alysa

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