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Hair Hacks Every Girl Should Know

Hair hacks are my lifesavers - they are fast, easy and make a significant difference in the way my hair looks and feels. I compiled some of my favorite hair hacks into a video, because I know you guys will love and appreciate them as much as I do.

1. Dry Ends

Who knew hand cream could work so well on hair?! For dry ends, try scrunching hand cream into the ends of your hair. This will help add moisture and shine when you're on the go and don't have the right products with you. The ingredients in many hand creams are similar to those in hair creams, and will help refresh and rejuvenate your hair!

2. Baby Hairs/Fly-Aways

Baby hairs are a good thing - it means your hair is growing, yay! But they can be a bit of a pain when styling your hair. To tame these little hairs, all you need is an old toothbrush and some hairspray. Spray the toothbrush with some hair spray and gently brush those fly-aways with the toothbrush. This will help ensure you don't spray too much hairspray in your hair, which can cause your hair to become crunchy and dirty.

3. Added Volume

A little extra volume never hurt anyone, right? For added volume, try blow drying your roots with your head upside down. This will help lift the roots of your hair up, and create extra body and volume!

4. Longer & Thicker Braids

Clip-in hair extensions are the go-to method for adding thickness and length to any hairstyle, especially braids! Adding a few hair extension wefts to your hair can really change the look of your hairstyle. We loving adding our Luxies to any braid for volume, length and drama!

5. Bobby Pin Trick

So, it turns out we've been using bobby pins the wrong way (what?!). Did you know that the wavy part of the pin is actually supposed to be facing down when pinned into your hair? When you slide it in this way, you'll see that it locks your hair much better, and it won't slide out when you're doing any kind of hairstyle.

By the way, here are some super fun ways to use your bobby pins - check it out!

6. Avoid the Dreaded Hair Elastic Crease

Nothing is more frustrating than having a hair tie leave a kink in your hair just after being styled - we've all been there. This hair hack is the perfect way to protect your hair from those kinks. First off - ditch the hair tie! Grab two sections of your hair (from left and right), cross them under the bulk of the hair, bring them back over and tie them, and then bring them under once again and slide some bobby pins in to secure them. It may sound intimidating but we promise - it's so much easier than it sounds!

Do you use any of these tricks? What are some of YOUR hair hacks? Comment on this blog post and let us know!

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