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Hair Extensions

3 Hairstyles With Halo® Extensions That Take Less Than 5 Minutes

Halo Extensions are a fast, easy way to transform your look. Halo Extensions instantly add length and volume without you having to clip in multiple pieces or commit to semi-permanent extensions you would get at a salon. A Halo  Extension is a single strip of hair that is placed around the top of your head (like an angel’s halo) and securely sits in place with an invisible wire. The best part? They’re non-damaging to your natural hair and are perfect for those with thinner, more fragile hair.

How Long Does It Take To Apply Halo Hair Extensions?

One of the perks of using Halo Extensions is how quickly and easily it can be applied. You can amp up your look in 60 seconds and add length, thickness, and volume to your hair. Its short application time allows you to make it a part of your everyday routine or if you’re going straight from work to a night out with friends and don’t have much time to get ready. Halo Extensions are perfect for those of us who want to play around with a variety of looks without having to spend a ton of time in front of the mirror.  

Halo’s “low skill level” allows you to apply it yourself even if you don’t have the magic touch of a professional hair stylist. You can choose from a variety of nylon wire sizes from XXS to XXL so that the Halo fits perfectly at the crown of your head. Each Halo comes with two 2-clip wefts for additional blending and is suitable for sensitive scalps and fragile hair. Although Halo comes in a single piece, you can still experiment with half-up hairstyles, side braids, and ponytails. In fact, Halo is so quick and easy to apply, the following hairstyles can be created in less than 5 minutes!


How to wear Halo Extensions

Step 1

Begin by gently brushing your hair as well as the Halo weft itself. We recommend using a Loop Hair Extensions Brush, a paddle brush, or wide-toothed comb to prevent damage or breakage.

Section off the hair around the crown of your head in a circular shape using a rattail comb. Be sure to leave a few chunks of hair freely flowing around the frame of your face—this will give you a more natural look once the Halo is put into place as well as help to disguise the wire. Keep the sectioned off hair around your crown clipped away.

Step 2

Place the Halo weft around the crown of your head where the circular part is, in between the bun and just above your ears. Be sure that the wire is not too loose and not too tight. If you are unsure, give your head a little shake—the wire should be totally secure. If it is moving, go down in size. If it feels like it will pop off, go up in size.

Step 3

Secure the Halo extension at the hairline a couple inches above your ear with the clips. Then, take the bun down to blend your natural hair with the weft. Use the Loop Hair Extension Brush to brush everything into place. A regular comb or paddle brush can also be used for this step, but be sure to be extra gentle when combing through your hair so that you don’t snag the Halo wire or accidentally move the Halo out of place. Now, it’s time to style!  

Hairstyle 1: Double twisted braid

Step 1

Clip each 2-clip weft that comes with your Halo Extensions on either side of your head for added volume and blending.

Step 2

Take a two inch section of hair from either side of your head and twist both pieces inward. Pin each piece at the back of your head as if you were doing a half-up look.

Step 3

Take the remaining hair, section it off into three pieces and begin to braid it. Secure the bottom of the braid with an elastic that matches the color of your hair.

Step 3

Take the braid and gently pinch at the sides, pulling out the hair, fluffing up the braid. Don’t do this too much to where the braid completely comes apart, but just enough to create a loose, tousled braid. Smooth out a few wispy pieces around the frame of your face to add the finishing touches to this lovely look. 

Hairstyle 2: Boho, voluminous half braid

Step 1

Apply your Halo as usual. Then, instead of clipping the additional 2 clip wefts on either side of your head, clip them both in at the back of your head. This will give your braid mega volume. 

Step 2

Pull half of your hair toward the back and begin braiding. Be sure not to pull too tight, as we’re going for a stylish boho look that isn’t super polished or overdone. Tie the braid using a clear band or one that matches your hair color.

Step 3

To create a loose, effortless looking braid, gently pull pieces of the braid outward without it completely coming undone, to make it thicker and messier. Finish off with your favorite hairspray.

Hairstyle 3: Braided crown

Step 1

For this hairstyle, remove both the 2-clip wefts. Then, take one weft, divide it into three sections and create a 3-strand braid. Once you’re done braiding, tie the bottom with an elastic that matches the color of the hair to disguise it. Pull various pieces of the braid out (as seen in the last 2 looks) to create a full, tousled-looking braid.

Step 2

Now, part your hair at the side of your head and securely attach the braided weft a couple inches above your ear, under the lace portion of the Halo weft. 

Step 4

Bring the braid over to the other side so that the braid sits at the top of your head like a headband would.

Step 5

Bobby pin the loose end of the braid down, and you’re done!

As you can see, Halo Extensions are a quick, easy way to achieve longer, fuller hair, even if you feel like getting more creative with your hairstyles. 


Have you tried Halo Extensions? What did you think? Let us know in the comments below.

Not sure whether to get Halo or Clip-in hair extensions? Take our quiz here! 

Written by: Nadia Matar

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