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30 Last Minute DIY Halloween Hair And Costume Ideas

Halloween may have begun during ancient times as a three-day holiday to remember the dead, but over the years it has evolved into a night of pure fun. From Trick or Treating, to candy eating, getting deliberately frightened at haunted houses, and celebrating with friends, Halloween isn’t complete without the perfect costume.

Whether you decide to go the scary route with a spooky costume, opt for something cute and creative, or even stick with something classic, we've compiled a list of our top last-minute Halloween hair and costume ideas that you can DIY right at home. These Halloween hair and costume ideas are perfect if you're scrambling to throw something together just before a party, or if you just can't be bothered to spend copious amounts of money on yet another “sexy (insert here)” Halloween costume.

Check out the video below or keep scrolling for text instructions.

1. Audrey Hepburn with Updo

Audrey Hepburn is a film and fashion icon, and is a brand in and of herself. Most active during Hollywood’s Golden Age during the 20s and 30s, Audrey Hepburn is instantly recognized by her iconic black shift dresses, short hair or side-swept updo, and thick, black eyelashes. This Halloween hairstyle emulates Audrey Hepburn’s look in one of her most famous films, Breakfast at Tiffany’s. In this hairstyle, Marta uses her 220g Ash Blonde Luxy Hair extensions to achieve more length and volume and make the updo easier to manage.

Step 1

Section off the front pieces of your hair on each side of your face and secure them out of the way. Then, gather a section of hair at the crown of your head and tease the roots with a teasing brush. Stack a 3-clip weft and 2-clip weft on each other and clip them in upside down.

Step 2

Take a sock bun or donut bun, and secure it under the roots of the teased section. Then, carefully bring all your hair down over it to create a pouf. Bobby pin all the hair into place.

Step 3


Tie the rest of your hair into a low ponytail, then twist it on itself and create a low bun.

Step 4

Take one of the front sections of hair, twist it, and start pulling it apart slightly, to make the twist more fluffy and voluminous. Then, pull it to the back of your head and around the bun. Secure into place with a bobby pin. Repeat on the other side.

Step 6

Audrey Hepburn wears her updo with a jewelled beret in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, so go ahead and add your favorite crystal pin or even a piece of jewellery to the top of your hair.

Complete the look with a vintage black dress and satin gloves, heavy black winged liner, and a pair of retro sunnies.

2. Cute Bear 

You can never go wrong dressing up as a cute, furry animal for Halloween (like a mouse), and this is a great option if you left your costume to the last-minute like many of us do. This Halloween hair idea can be adapted for pretty much any woodland creature by simply getting creative with your makeup. In this hairstyle, Azra uses her 220g Off Black Luxies to achieve long, bouncy, thick hair, although this Halloween hairstyle is possible to achieve with short hair as well.

Step 1

Start by clipping in your Luxy Hair extensions.

Step 2

Gather your hair on one side of your head into a super high ponytail. Instead of looping the entire ponytail through, however, only loop half your hair through the elastic the last time. Bobby pin any loose ends down to hold the “ear” in place.

Step 3

Repeat step 2 on the other side to create your second ear.

It’s that easy! Complete the look with a pop of pink blush, some whiskers drawn on with eyeliner, and some brown eyeshadow.

3. Unicorn

Who doesn’t want to be an ethereal unicorn this Halloween? Believed to be the symbol of purity and grace in ancient times, this mythical creature has been at the forefront of pop culture for years. Whether unicorns are real or not (we like to believe they are), with a few simple tricks using hair extensions, you too can emulate their magic and mystic. Marta uses her 220g Ash Blonde Luxy Hair extensions to create this dreamy look.

Step 1

Take a piece of flexible cardboard and roll it up into a cone. This will be the basis of your unicorn horn. Cut a slit on both sides at the base and fold the flaps up, so that the horn can lay flat on your head.

Step 2

Take a 1-clip weft and clip it to the bottom of the cardboard cone on one side, wrap the hair around the cone, and bobby pin it into place at the bottom. Repeat this step on the other side of the cone to ensure that it is fully covered and any bobby pins are fully hidden.

Step 3

Section off a few pieces of hair around your face, which will be used later.

Step 4

You are now going to create a full and thick ponytail. To achieve this, section off your hair at the crown and clip a 4-clip weft in upside down. Repeat this process 2 to 3 more times to create more volume and length in your ponytail. Here are a few more ways you can achieve a thick, long ponytail with hair extensions. For an even more playful look, you can use colored hairspray on one or two wefts before clipping them in.

Step 5

Now the fun part - attaching the unicorn horn! Lay the flaps on the cone down flat on your head and bobby pin them into place.

Step 6

Remember those front sections we left our earlier? It’s time to use them. Take a section of hair on one side and wrap it around the base of the horn to cover any cardboard or bobby pins and secure into place. Repeat this step on the other side.

Step 7

Take any remaining loose pieces of hair, bring them to the back, and wrap them around the base of your ponytail to hide the elastic.

Go crazy with highlighter at your temples, some bright eyeshadow, metallic pigments, and a pastel-colored blouse to pull this look together.

4. Harley Quinn/Joker

Harley Quinn’s character continues to be all the rage. After all, who doesn't want to let their inner bad girl out once a year? The great thing about this sassy supervillain is that she has crazy cool hair that’s perfect for Halloween, and surprisingly easy to recreate. 

Just like the previous Unicorn Hair tutorial, this Halloween hair idea incorporates wefts from our Ash Blonde set which have been sprayed with colored hairspray to achieve those classic Harley Quinn vibrant red and blue hues. This is a great alternative to spraying temporary hair dye to your natural locks as it can be damaging to your hair and a pain to wash out.

Step 1

Spray red colored hairspray on a 1-clip Ash Blonde weft, and blue colored hairspray on a second 1-clip Ash Blonde weft.

Step 2

Separate your hair into two sections to form two pigtails. On the right side, separate the section in half horizontally and clip a blue weft in. Then, gather all the hair into a high ponytail. Repeat on the left side with the red weft.

Step 3

Using a 1-inch curling barrel, curl small sections of hair in alternating directions for a messier look. Once both your pigtails are curled, spray some hairspray, and you’re done!

5. Cinderella

From bad girl to good girl, the classic princess costume never fails. It's the perfect last minute Halloween costume because you can likely pull your entire outfit from your existing wardrobe. All you need is an old prom dress, some high heels, and of course, the perfect hairstyle to go with it. Whether you're interested in being a Disney princess or just looking for an excuse to add flowers to your hair and sing to woodland creatures, we've got you covered. Here’s a tutorial to achieve a classic Cinderella Halloween hairstyle. Mimi wears her 220g Ombre Chestnut Luxies in this tutorial, for that princess length and volume.

Step 1

Clip your full set of extensions in. 

Step 2

Using a rattail comb, create a middle part down the middle of your head. Once you are satisfied with the part, smooth your hair down on both sides with your hands, then brush through your hair to remove any tangles. 

Step 3 

The key to princess curls is to work with a curling barrel that goes from thick to thin, and to work with small sections of hair to ensure that nice, tight curl. Separate a small section of hair, curl the hair away from your face, starting at the root. Repeat all over your head until all your hair is curled. 

Step 4 

Now it’s time to create your rope braid headband. Take a 4-clip weft, and separate it into two sections. Twist both sections tightly clockwise, then twist both those twists on themselves to create a rope effect. Make sure to constantly tighten each section to keep the rope taught, otherwise it may come apart. Once you reach the end, secure the rope braid with an elastic.

Step 5

Create an opening right by your ear on one side and secure the end of the braid behind your ear with some bobby pins. Bring the braid over your head and pin the end with the clips behind your other ear.

Step 6

Finally, take any face-framing pieces, wrap them over the headband and secure into place for a neat, final, magical look.

Not a fan of Cinderella? How about...

6. Elsa

Step 1

To achieve that voluminous braid, start off by clipping in your full set of Luxy Hair extensions. Mimi wears her 220g Ombre Chestnut Luxies in this tutorial.

Step 2 

The key to Elsa’s braid is volume, volume, volume! To achieve this, separate a section of hair at the crown of your head and spray a bit of hairspray at the roots. Then, tease the hair with a teasing brush. Repeat this with a few more sections around the crown, then smooth all the hair down gently with a comb.

Step 3

French braid your hair starting at the crown of your head. As you work your way down, add a bit of hair from the sides to the braid. The smaller the sections you work with, the more intricate the braid will look.

Step 4 

Once your French braid reaches the nape of your neck, bring all your hair around to one side and finish off the braid in a regular, three-strand braid.

Step 5 

Finally, for the extra volume in your braid, take a rattail comb and gently insert the end at the crown of your head, pulling at the roots to create a larger pouf. Then, pancake your entire braid by gently pulling it apart, which will give it that bigger, fluffier effect.

7. Greek Goddess

Celebrate the Goddess that you are with this Greek Goddess costume. This Halloween hair idea can be as over the top or as simple as you’d like. Got a flowy maxi dress? You're halfway there. Complete your look with an olive tree crown and sashay through any Halloween party like Aphrodite. Of course, for that Goddess length hair, hair extensions are a must! Mimi wears her 220g Ombre Chestnut Luxy Hair extensions in this tutorial.

Step 1 

Clip your hair extensions in or slightly curl your own hair into effortless waves.

Step 2 

If you don’t have any olive trees in your backyard (and let’s face it, who does!) you can visit any flower shop and purchase an olive branch or other soft greenery that you can use. Take one branch and twist it into a circle to fit your head, then wrap the ends around on themselves to create that classic twisted goddess crown. Then, take a second branch and weave it around the crown to make it thicker and more leafy. 

Step 3 

Complete the look with a flowy maxi dress, flat sandals, and a handsome Spartan by your side.

8. Ariana Grande 

Ariana Grande has one of the most iconic looks of all time, recreated by Kourtney Kardashian last Halloween. Whether you opt for a glam version of Ariana with a babydoll dress or a casual version with an oversized hoodie and thigh high boots, just be sure to pair the look with an ultra-long ponytail using hair extensions. Check out the video below to learn to how to create a long, thick signature Ariana ponytail. Pair the look with some hair rings and you're good to do! With this look, you can pretty much guarantee no one will be saying "thank u, next" to you!

All you need: hair extensions, babydoll dress, hair rings, thigh high boots.

Step 1

Here’s a little secret… Ariana Grande’s mega ponytail is created using hair extensions! To start off, gather a small a section of hair at the crown of your head, leaving a bunch of hair loose around it. Tie this section off into a ponytail and tighten it as much as you can so that it sits as high as possible on your head and has that fullness at the top.

Step 2 

Take a 3-clip weft and clip the weft in around the top of the ponytail. Then, take a second 3-clip weft and clip it in around the bottom of the ponytail. Make sure to clip these wefts in as close as possible to your scalp. Next, take both 2-clip wefts and clip these in on the sides of the ponytail.

Step 3 

Once you’ve clipped all the wefts in around your ponytail, gather all the hair that’s still down into a high ponytail, covering all the wefts.

Step 4

Take a strand of hair and wrap it around the base of the ponytail to cover the elastic and secure it with a bobby pin underneath the ponytail.

9. Eleven from Stranger Things


Would Stranger Things be as good without our favorite young heroine Eleven? We think not. Channel your inner badass this Halloween with this simple last minute costume idea.

All you need: A blonde wig, pink dress, and a couple of empty boxes of Eggos, which you can safety pin to the back or side of your dress for comfort. Bonus points if you bring a full box to heat up as a midnight snack halfway through the night.

10. Wednesday Addams Halloween Costume


Wednesday Addams is dark and broody...the perfect character to dress up as for Halloween. The best part? You can emulate a young Christina Ricci even if you only have a few hours to throw together a last-minute Halloween costume. 

All you need: two pigtail braids, black eyeliner and dark lips, a white button up dress shirt, black dress, or black cardigan and skirt, black pantyhose, and black shoes. Can you figure out what Wednesday’s favorite color is?

11. Regina George 


Mean Girls just never gets old, and while the movie came out over 10 years ago, the references are still prevalent today. Is there any mean girl we love to hate more than Regina George?

All you need: All pink everything.

12. Even better... Damien from Mean Girls


All you need: blue hoodie, black sunglasses, a sign that says "she doesn't even go here!"

13. Georgie From “It”

Last year’s blockbuster horror movie featured a murderous clown, which is scary enough in itself, but this last-minute Halloween costume is perfect if you’re in a bind.

All you need: rainboots, yellow raincoat and a big, red helium balloon.

14. Bubble Bath

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Halloween stressing you out? Take a relaxing bubble bath...or better yet, become the bubble bath.

All you need: A white dress, white balloons, loofah. Stick the balloons and loofah to yourself and you're done.

15. Boo


If you’d like to take the cute route rather than scary this Halloween, here is a last-minute DIY Halloween costume that’s quick and easy to create. (Monsters not included.)

All you need: pink sweatshirt, purple tights, white converse and two high pig-tails.

16. Darla from Finding Nemo

We don’t recommend you carry around a live fish with this costume, however, Darla’s hilarious headgear is simple and quick to create with tinfoil if you need a last-minute Halloween costume idea.

All you need: purple tee, overalls, ziplock bag filled with water and a fake Nemo, and a foil head brace.


17. Jigsaw


And...we’re back to the creepy costumes. It's Halloween after all.

All you need: White pantyhose, black short skirt, black blazer, red bowtie, and red swirls painted on your cheeks.

18. Mime


Why do we love this last minute Halloween costume idea? Because almost everyone has a striped shirt and black pants in their closet.

All you need: striped shirt, beret, white gloves and a whit neck scarf, suspenders, black pants, and red shoes/converse. Add a red lip, and you’re good to go. 

19. 80’s Aerobics Instructor 

With bodysuits being such a fashion staple lately, this DIY Halloween costume is perfect to create last minute.

All you need: running shoes, bright leggings, bodysuit, and a headband—all neon of course.

20. Glow


Alison Brie is almost unrecognizable as an 80’s wrestler in Glow. Channel your sporty side and blow that hair out to emulate this over the top look.

All you need: volume, volume, and more volume in your hair, and a leotard.

21. Eleven 2.0

If you've been following Stranger Things, you'll notice Eleven got a major makeover from the look above. Gone is the faux blonde wig and girly dress...Eleven has truly come into her own as a style icon in her own way, and we're loving every minute of it. Not only that, her retro lob with half ponytail hairstyle could fit in today's fashion world!

All you need: Yellow scrunchie to create a half ponytail, 16 inch hair extensions for volume, dark blue boyfriend jeans, retro printed shirt.

22. Meghan, Duchess of Sussex

Okay, if you aren't completely immersed in the comings and goings of the Royal Family, we mean Meghan Markle when we're referring to the Duchess of Sussex. It's no secret Meghan's wedding look was one for the ages with the whole world watching her royal nuptial to Prince Harry. Her wedding hairstyle still has us swooning! Recreate Meghan's hair look below—simply add a beautiful headpiece or tiara and pair with a white dress and handsome redhead by your side. 

All you need: Jewelled tiara, white dress

23. Hailey Bieber

What a year Hailey Bieber has had! Hailey's retro Met Gala look had us drooling, and not just because it was created using Luxy Hair extensions by celebrity stylist Jen Atkin. Hailey wore our 220g Ash Blonde Luxies to get that perfect bounce and volume in her hair. Add a big black bow to complete the look. Learn how to create a longer, thicker ponytail using hair extensions here.

All you need: 220g Luxy Hair extensions, black bow, form fitted, backless pink dress.

24. J.Lo in her iconic green dress

We may be ageing ourselves here, but Jennifer Lopez's low cut green Versace dress worn at Grammys in 2000 still remains as one of the most memorable awards show looks of all time. The singer pretty much broke the internet last month when she recreated her famous green dress moment almost 20 years later at the Versace Spring/Summer 2020 show in Milan last month, strutting as fiercely as ever. Feeling daring? 

All you need: Green, tropical print, low cut chiffon gown, green stiletto heels.

25. Skims model

If you've been following fashion, beauty, and business mogul Kim Kardashian's recent launches, you'll know that she just released her own line of spanx-esque shape wear, aptly named Skims. This last minute DIY Halloween costume is quick, and easy to create, and you only need 1 items of clothing: a set of Skims! Spice up the look with a sleek middle part and long hair extensions to complete your transformation. 

All you need: Skims set, 20" hair extensions

26. Princess Jasmine

With the live action version of Aladdin releasing earlier this year, we couldn't help but notice Princess Jasmine's fabulous wardrobe and of course, iconic bubble braid. Here's a tutorial showing how to recreate this hair look. Be sure to use a thick set of hair extensions to achieve a longer, thicker braid!

All you need: Sky blue crop top and harem pants, 220g hair extensions.

27. Daenerys Targaryen

Is anyone else as upset as us that this may be the last year this costume is truly relevant? Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen served us some serious braid looks throughout her 8 season tenure as the Mad Queen, perfect for recreating this Halloween. Fun fact, Emilia Clarke actually has brown hair and her blonde hair is a wig. *Mind Blown* Here's 9 advanced braids to try, to complete this look.

All you need: Platinum Blonde hair extensions, beaded robe, a bit of braiding talent

28. Rosie The Riveter


This last minute costume works a tad better if you have blonde hair, but hey—we don't hair discriminate here! Exude female empowerment by becoming your own version of Rosie the Riveter. Simply section off the front part of your hair and tie the rest into a messy bun. Then, curl the front pieces messily, throw on a red bandana and denim jacket, and you're done!

All you need: red bandana, denim jacket

29. Pumpkin

Why not transform your hair into a pumpkin? Create a big sock bun at the top of your head using either a rolled up sock or a foam donut. Be sure to add a weft or two around the base of your ponytail before rolling into a bun to get the biggest bun possible! Use some orange hairspray to dye the bun, then apply some leaves at the base of the bun, and you're done. This is a quick and easy last minute DIY costume.

All you need: Sock bun, orange hairspray, leaves

30. VSCO Girl 

We HAD to add this one! We're all for the Instagram content and expressinig your creativity with VSCO, so go ahead and dress as a VSCO Girl this Halloween if you're in a bind at the last minute. Throw on some biker shorts, an oversized hoodie or t-shirt and scrunchie to get the look. Be sure to walk around your Halloween party taking photos and editing them with VSCO to really get the message across! 

All these costumes can be created with some strategic hairstyles, digging through your closet, or maybe even a quick trip to your local thrift store. If you recreate any of these last minute DIY Halloween hair ideas or costumes, be sure to tag us on Instagram with the hashtag #luxyhair. Happy Halloween!

Posted by Azra Kassam

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