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How To: Blend and Clip In Hair Extensions With Short Hair

So we know how it all goes - we want to chop our hair off, but then we want it all back the next day. What to do? The answer: clip-in hair extensions, with which you can enjoy the best of both worlds - short hair and long hair - with absolutely no commitment and no damage to your own hair.

To bring you the best tips and tricks on how to clip in and blend hair extensions with short hair (even a lob), we thought who better to ask than Pia Muehlenbeck - one of our favorite travel and lifestyle Youtubers, who rocks her lob (long bob) beautifully but also does an amazing job blending in and clipping in her Luxy Hair extensions whenever she wants to bring back her long hair instantly. 

If you have trouble blending hair extensions with your short hair, or if you ever wonder how you can transform your short hair into beautiful long luscious locks and still make it look natural - keep on reading.

Using two sets of Luxy Hair extensions - the 220g Ombre Chestnut and 220g Ombre Blonde sets, Pia easily transforms her two-toned colored short hair into long, thick hair.

Pia definitely tackled two major extensions challenges:

1) How to blend hair extensions with short hair


2) How to blend hair extensions with highlights or multi-toned hair. 

If you follow Pia’s technique, your extensions will look so natural, no one will even be able to tell you’re wearing them. Try her technique out for yourself! Watch the video tutorial below or keep scrolling for text instructions on how Pia blends hair extensions with her short balayage colored lob.

How She Did It:

If you don’t have balayage, try this technique out anyway. It’s a great way to add more color into your hair and achieve that perfect sun kissed look you’ve been longing for this summer. 

If your hair color is two toned like Pia’s, the best trick is to mix and match your hair extensions, or, try out our balayage collection. Pia uses two sets of different colors and blends them together with her natural hair. She uses the 220g Ombre Chestnut and 220g Ombre Blonde Set. She layers the two extension sets on top of each other to create a mixed effect. 

Make sure to brush your hair out before clipping in your hair extensions. Now let’s get started:

Step 1

Section your hair so only a tiny bit of it is left at the bottom. With the hair you’ve just sectioned, you’ll be pinning it up. This is a really good trick for clipping in your hair extensions, especially when you have short hair. Back comb this section and twist it so you can clip it down with some bobby pins. This is where you’ll be clipping in your first weft of extensions.

Step 2

Start with the Ombre Chestnut hair extensions, the darker color, as the bottom of your head tends to be darker than the top when you have a balayage colored hair. The highlights in a balayage are typically towards the top and ends of your hair. Pia is using a four clip weft to clip in her first bunch of extensions.

Step 3

Then right on top of your Ombre Chestnut weft, clip in a four clip weft of the Ombre Blonde. You will be repeating this technique for the rest of your hair in order to blend the color in seamlessly with your natural hair. This trick will create the effect of natural sunkissed highlights.

Step 4

Continue layering in your clip-ins with the Ombre Chestnut color first and then the Ombre Blonde on top. To add grip to your natural hair, tease it by back combing the strands.

Step 5

Once you have reached the widest point of your head, which will be in line with your eyebrows, clip in your 2 sets of three clip wefts. You will be laying them side by side and it will be overlapping a little bit in the back. Essentially, Pia is creating one long weft that will lay across the whole back of her head. Pia cut her 2 sets of three clip wefts so that the side which will be towards the front of her face will be shorter. These two pieces will frame her face, creating face framing layers. If you would like to achieve this effect, take your extensions to your hairstylist!

Step 6

Keep in mind, when you are clipping in your hair extensions for short hair, your goal is to cover as much of your natural short hair as possible. This means that you will find that your extensions will sit a lot higher on your head. Continue clipping in the rest of your hair extensions until you’ve reached the top. Make sure to use the two clip Ombre Blonde wefts to help frame the front of your face.


A time saving tip is to curl your extensions before hand. You can clip your extensions on a coat hanger for easy and quick curling. If you do this before, the hardest part is pretty much done! You’ll just need to touch up with a few curls to blend your natural hair with the luxies!

Step 7

Next, clip in your last four clip wefts at the back of your hair. By doing this, you can lock down all the other wefts you have clipped in your hair. This will allow you to have one cohesive hair extension that covers all the rest.

Step 8

Finish off by clipping in your individual clip wefts at whichever place you feel needs more volume and length. Pia likes placing a few right behind her ears. Make sure to put in the dark ones in first, and then place the lighters one closer to your face.

Step 9

Then tease the top part of your hair that’s sitting above the extensions. By doing this, your hair will stay in place without any hair extension clips poking out of your head.

Step 10

Finally, curl your top layer of hair to achieve a smooth, seamless transition. Make sure to grab the top pieces of hair extensions including your real hair, and re-curl those together. Do this for the rest of your top pieces and voila, you are complete!

Congratulations, you now have beautifully blended hair extensions with your short hair!


Do you have short hair? What are your best tips when it comes to wearing extensions? Let us know in the comments below - we love hearing from you! If you try this technique be sure to share your before and after transformation by tagging us on Instagram @luxyhairlove and using the hashtag #luxhairlove for a chance to be featured.

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