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Hair Extensions

Use hair extensions like a pro with these tricks

Whether you consider yourself an expert or are relatively new to the world of hair extensions, having some pro tips up your sleeve is always a plus. Hair extensions can be used in many different ways to achieve a variety of looks and there are countless hacks that can help make clipping in your wefts even easier and faster. Read on to uncover the insider tricks to using hair extensions. 


1. Angle your wefts to blend wefts with layers

Craving the look of long layers or just want to add some extra movement and dimension to your hair without actually making a chop? Unsure how to blend your wefts with your layers? Or do you simply want to add fullness and volume while maintaining the gradient of your cut? Whatever your dilemma, there's an easy way to make hair extensions work for you.

To achieve layers with your extensions, you don't even have to cut them! All you have to do is clip a 2-clip weft on either side of your head at an angle, so the weft is slightly higher near your face and lowers towards the back of your head. This will give you beautiful, face-framing layers. Yes, it's that easy! 


2. Change up the order of your wefts to fit your head

We have tons of tutorials showing you exactly how to clip in your Luxies. However, if you've ever been hat shopping, you probably know that not everyone has the same sized head. While our tutorials on how to clip in your Luxies work for most people, we encourage you to experiment to find a configuration that works best for your head and haircut. 

You might opt to clip in the wefts differently so the hair extensions better match your natural layers or you may even forgo a 4-clip weft entirely if you don't want the extra thickness. 

3. Stack two wefts together for faster clipping in the morning

This trick is perfect if you're trying to save time getting ready in the morning, or even if you have a smaller head and struggle to fit all the wefts on your scalp. It's also a great technique if you're wearing your hair in a half ponytail or in a fancy updo as you can still get the same amount of fullness despite having less space to work with. 

To achieve this look, simply clip one weft on top of the other before securing on to your head. Basically, you only have to worry about clipping one weft in instead of two and your hair will still feel as thick and luscious! 


4. Fold wefts over for extra volume in larger braids

Want longer, thicker braids but don't know how to achieve them with hair extensions? Whether it's a fishtail or a french braid you're after, all you have to do is fold a 3-clip weft on top of itself before securing on to your scalp. 

We recommend sectioning off the part of hair you want to braid and clipping the weft underneath so that it is braided in with your natural hair. 

Next, begin braiding as desired and you'll end up with a gorgeous, thick, Rapunzel-worthy braid.

5. Use 1-clip wefts for added thickness to braids

Those 1-clip wefts sure come in handy when creating smaller braid looks. Whether you're going for a bohemian vibe with small, face-framing braids, this trick is perfect if you want fuller braids while ensuring the rest of your hair looks thick and voluminous. 

All you have to do is part your hair as desired and section it off before securing your 1-clip weft to your head. Then, begin braiding your hair, ensuring you braid the weft in with your natural hair.


6. Stack 3 wefts together for thicker half-up hairstyles

Love the half-up look? We sure do! It's equal parts sexy and practical. If you want to achieve this look but worry your hair is too thin and aren't sure how to clip in your hair extensions without showing your wefts, this trick is for you! 

Section off your hair ensuring you leave a layer of hair that will sit atop your wefts. Then apply two 4-clip wefts on top of each other followed by a 3-clip weft on top. This will help save space on your scalp while creating lots of length and fullness.

7. Stack 4 wefts for added thickness to ponytails

Ain't nothing like a gorgeous, cascading ponytail, especially in the summer when you just want to keep your hair off your face. This trick is ideal if you want to thicken up your pony. Pro tip: pre curl your wefts to save even more time! 

Section off your hair in the middle of your head and clip in two 4-clip wefts on top of each other. Next, secure two 3-clip wefts on top. Finish off by tying your hair into a loose ponytail at the nape of your neck.

8. Use 2 clip wefts close to your part to hide short layers 

If you're trying to create a more uniform, blunt look but you have layers, all you have to do is clip in a 2-clip weft on either side of your face. This will help blend your layers into your natural hair for a more seamless, even look.

Do you have any hair extensions tricks you love? Share them with us in the comments below. We love hearing from you! 


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