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Lazy Day Hairstyles

We've shared hundreds of beautiful hairstyle tutorials with you, from intricate braids to overnight curls, but we also know that some of these hairstyles can take some effort to create. What about those mornings when you just aren't feeling like spending that extra effort on your hair? We all have those lazy days when we'd like our hair to look cute with as minimal effort as possible. If only we had a Fairy Godmother to whip our hair into shape with a flick of a wand! 

This week, Stephanie, our closest thing to a Fairy Godmother, shares four lazy day hairstyles that take seconds to create, but don't scream "I woke up like this!" 

Check out the video below, or scroll down for step by step instructions for each lazy day hairstyle. 

Hairstyle 1: donut bun

As we all know, the ultimate lazy day hairstyle is the always popular messy bun, but sometimes, a messy bun just doesn't look clean and elevated enough. Cue the donut bun. Created with a hair donut, this bun takes seconds to create but gives you a more polished look. You can get this donut hair accessory at any hair accessory store or even clothing stores like Forever 21.

Step 1

Gather your hair into a high ponytail.

Step 2

Thread the ponytail through the donut, then slide the donut towards the end of your ponytail, leaving about 3 inches loose.

Step 3

Tuck the ends of your hair around the donut and into the donut hole. It doesn't need to be perfect at this step, but just try and make sure you cover as much of the foam donut as possible with your hair.

Step 4

Hold the outside of the donut firm with your thumbs, and use the rest of your fingers to rotate the donut and flip it inside out. This will catch more of your ponytail into the bun.

Step 5

Keep flipping the donut until you reach your head. Be sure to adjust the bun and tuck any messy hairs as you go.

If you have shorter hair, check out this tutorial for how to create a similar bun using Luxy Hair extensions, or click here for nine different bun hairstyles to try.

Hairstyle 2: Hairband

Using a hairband may seem simple and obvious, but a lot of girls forget to have this accessory on hand! It's a quick and simple way to add a bit of spice to loose hair, with zero effort. 

Step 1

Brush the front of your hair back so that you don't have a hair part. 

Step 2

Grab your favorite hairband and pull your hair back. Done!

Hairstyle 3: Low Messy Bun

There's always something about a low ponytail or low bun that gives off an extra chic vibe, so for our third lazy day hairstyle, we're going with a low, messy bun. This bun takes only seconds to create but would look great with a blazer and some simple earrings.

Step 1

Gather your hair into a low ponytail, but only loop your hair tie around the hair half-way. Create two or three loops, which will end up in a messy bun.

Step 2

Pull a few pieces from the top of your head out to create volume at the back and to loosen the bun slightly. You want the bun to look effortless, but cool.

Step 3

Pull out a few pieces of hair at the front to frame your face.

For a variation on this messy bun hairstyle, channel your inner boho queen and try only putting half your hair up into a messy bun. Here's a tutorial.

Hairstyle 4: High Ponytail with hair extensions

If you're feeling just a little adventurous, taking an extra minute or two to add in some wefts from your Luxy Hair extensions is just the key to elevate a normal high ponytail into a thicker, longer version. 

Step 1

Separate your hair above your ears into a crown. 

Step 2

Take a 2 clip weft and clip it in at the crown upside down. This is crucial when creating high ponytails to ensure that the weft remains smooth and hidden.

Step 3

Take a 3 clip weft and clip it in upside down, right below the 2 clip weft. This will ensure that the ends of your ponytail are nice and thick.

Step 4

Add any additional 1 clip or 2 clip wefts at the side of your hair as you would like.

Step 5

Flip all your hair over and gather your hair into a beautiful, thick, long high ponytail!

Who said looking fabulous had to take extra time in the morning? We hope these lazy day hairstyles will show you that just a few minutes in the morning can lead to beautiful results. If you'd like more inspiration for hairstyles in the morning, click here for our favorite running late hairstyles, click here for our favorite 2 minute hairstyles, and check out how to take your hair from drab to fab when you just don't feel like washing your hair.  

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