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Hair Extensions

A year in Luxies: transform your hair, transform your life

2018 was a year of growth, learning, laughter, celebration, love, wins, and of course...transformations. This year, we...

- Transformed short hair that just wouldn't grow, to long, flowing locks,

- Transformed thinning hair to thick, mermaid hair,

- Helped brides all over the world achieve the wedding hair of their dreams,

- Made prom hair goals a reality,

- Helped those affected by medical issues restore confidence in themselves with the hair they once had,

- And more!

We are immensely grateful to touch the lives of each one of our customers.

Just take a look below at some of our favorite customer stories throughout the past year:

Molly T: 160g Dirty Blonde

"I had a bad color job that made all of my hair break off and I just didn’t feel like myself. I decided to try hair extensions for the first time but leaving them in while I slept and having to baby them did not appeal to me. So I gave Luxy Hair a try...excellent decision! Even when I tell people I am wearing clip-ins they don’t believe me. They look so natural and they feel amazing! I love being able to clip them in (or not) depending on my mood and what I’m doing. I feel confident that no one knows unless I choose to say something...and I feel super sexy."

Tanusree G: 120g Off Black

"After extensive research, I finally ordered my own set of extensions. The Luxy Hair color match is so perfect and the quality of the hair is so natural that I often don't even realize I'm wearing hair extensions!"

Shaelynn M: Seamless Blonde Balayage

"I am so excited about my new Luxy Hair extensions! The color matched my hair perfectly and they are super comfortable and tangle free. After wearing them all day in hot, humid climate, my Luxies held their curl and style and remained super smooth and non frizzy. Thank you so much to the Luxy Hair team!"

Anna T: 220g Ash Blonde, custom dyed

"I've always dreamt of being able to style and play around with my hair, but since my hair is very thin naturally and on top of that damaged because I used to color it a lot, growing my hair long never really worked for me. The quality of the Luxy Hair extensions is amazing, it really feels and looks so natural. I get asked all the time how my hair could possibly have grown so fast—no one can tell!" 

We've made hair dreams come true for over a quarter of a million customers in over 165 different countries, empowering women to fall in love with their hair all over again. 

From all of us at Luxy Hair, thank you for helping us with our mission to help women all over the world restore their confidence—we can't wait to see what the next year brings! 

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