Mimi's Hair Routine

I recently realized that I had never filmed a full version of My Hair Routine. It starts even before I wash my hair. That's right, a hair mask prior to the shower has become a big step in my hair routine. Frankly, when filming this video I realized there are quite a few steps in my hair routine and in this video I share with you all of them!

I show you step by step what I do with my hair and what products I use on it. It even gets a bit steamy in the shower. Haha...That's all. I will not give away any more information. Watch the video and let me know if there are any steps in my hair routine that you do as well. Also, leave me a comment if you'd like to see my updated version of how I style my hair curly a.k.a my Curly Hair Routine. 

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Liliya Kay

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