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Valentines Day: Updo Hairstyle for Long Hair

Valentines Day is just around the corner and at this point you know if you're spending it on a big date or on a cozy night in. The best part, though, is that while your hair may sometimes be the source of struggle, it's the one relationship you'll have for the rest of your ghosting here!

With that being said, we've teamed up with our friend Kassinka this week, to bring you this gorgeous Valentines Day Updo. Because whether you're with your significant other, your girlfriends, or flying solo, say YES to a good hair day this Valentines Day.

Step 1:

Start with loose second-day waves for this hairstyle, to give the hair that extra grit and grip. The end goal here is to look chic and effortless. Clip a few wefts of your Luxy Hair extensions at the widest part of your hair for extra volume.

Step 2:

Gather two 1-inch sections at the crown of your head and tie them off with a clear elastic. 

Step 3:

Clip a 1-clip weft from you Luxy Hair extensions at the crown of your head, hiding it underneath the section of hair you have pulled back. This extra strand will become a heart that we are about to create.

Now, take the hair you just clipped in and loop it underneath the hair you just tied together.

Step 4:

Loop this strand of hair all the way around to form a circle, and secure it with a bobby pin.

Step 5:

Repeat the same steps on the same side, make sure that the loops are
symmetrical. These loops will make the top of a heart.

Step 6:

Gather all the leftover bottom strands of hair and tie them together with a clear
elastic to make the bottom of the heart.

Step 7:

Now, split the rest of your hair into three sections and create three loose braids,
securing each end with a clear elastic.

Step 8:

Take each braid and "pancake" it by pulling it apart to create more fullness and volume.

Step 9:

It's now time to turn all of this into a glorious updo hairstyle! 

Take each braid, roll it on itself into a loose bun, and secure the bun with bobby pins.

Step 10:

Repeat this step with each braid.

...and that's it! 


How darling is this updo? We just love how romantic, and effortless it looks...kinda like what a relationship should be (#wisdom).

Happy Valentine's Day to all our beautiful friends, and be sure to share your hairstyle recreations with us at xo

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