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Your 5 month countdown to getting long hair for your wedding

Maybe you’ve been rocking a lob since high school and are looking to walk down the aisle with a more traditional ‘do, or perhaps you’ve been trying to grow out those pesky bangs with no luck. Either way, the struggle to grow your hair out for your wedding day is a problem many brides-to-be face.

So what exactly can you do if you’re trying to grow out your hair for your wedding? Is there really a way to get long, beautiful hair before your big day? If you’ve already lost hope and resolved there is nothing you can do, it’s time to get positive because we have your ultimate guide to getting the hair of your dreams for your wedding. By following this timeline in the months leading up to your big day, you can ensure your hair will look better than ever!

At Luxy Hair, we love to help, so be sure to let us know what your number one hair concern is as you get ready for your wedding in the comments below. In most cases, by simply adopting good hair habits in the months leading up to your wedding, you can significantly improve the overall health of your hair.

Paulina Prazmo @paulinapraz is wearing the Seamless Blonde Balayage set. Photographed by Lindsay Coulter @lcoulterphoto

5 months before your wedding: eat a balanced diet

The truth is, diet has a huge impact on hair growth, so it’s important to nourish yourself from the inside out. Healthy fats such as avocados, nuts, and seeds, are a great way to promote hair growth. Try incorporating more eggs into your diet as they contain biotin, and biotin deficiencies have been linked to hair loss. Fruits, vegetables, and ensuring you’re drinking enough water are all also key when it comes to hair growth.

Paulina Prazmo @paulinapraz is wearing the Seamless Blonde Balayage set. Photographed by Lindsay Coulter @lcoulterphoto

4 months before your wedding: stop over-washing your hair

Okay, so maybe you’ve upped your gym sessions so you can feel your best in your wedding dress. Although a little extra exercise might be good for you, if your working up a sweat is making your hair greasier faster, prompting you to wash your hair more often, you may want to rethink things. While we’re not suggesting forgoing your workouts, opt for a dry shampoo between hair washes instead. This is because, washing your hair too often causes unnecessary friction and puts too much stress on your hair which can lead to breakage, hair loss, and brittleness—none of which you want before your wedding, or at all! Also, toss out those chemical-packed shampoos that are loaded with sulfates and other toxic ingredients and pick up a gentler formula instead. Not only are these less harsh on the hair, they actually help rebalance your scalp and make your hair shinier and stronger.

Paulina Prazmo @paulinapraz is wearing the Seamless Blonde Balayage set. Photographed by Lindsay Coulter @lcoulterphoto

3 months before your wedding: put down the hot tools  

If you want your hair to look its best on your wedding day, going heatless as much as possible in the months leading up to the event can work wonders. If you have damaged, frizzy hair already, we know this can feel pretty daunting but we have lots of heatless curls tutorials that will leave your hair looking polished—no heat required! Heat styling your hair causes brittleness, dryness, and breakage which is the enemy if you’re trying to grow it out, so try embracing your natural texture as often as possible.

Paulina Prazmo @paulinapraz is wearing the Seamless Blonde Balayage set. Photographed by Lindsay Coulter @lcoulterphoto

2 months before your wedding: be gentle

Chances are you’ve picked up some bad hair habits over the years. From brushing your hair when wet to sleeping with your hair tied back, and putting your hair up in a towel-turban post-shower, there’s no better time to kick these hair-breaking habits to the curb than before your wedding. Rather than brushing your hair when it is wet (as this is when it is most delicate), use a wide toothed comb and start from the ends of your hair and work your way upwards. Sleep with your hair down to prevent snagging and pulling; we recommend sleeping on a silk pillowcase as they have more slip and along with protecting your hair, are good for preventing wrinkles and acne. It’s a win-win! Finally, avoid towel-drying your hair as the friction causes frizz and breakage. We suggest using an old cotton t-shirt instead as this is most gentle on your hair.

Paulina Prazmo @paulinapraz is wearing the Seamless Blonde Balayage set. Photographed by Lindsay Coulter @lcoulterphoto

1 month before your wedding: take some time to pamper yourself

We know the months leading up to your wedding can be stressful, but it’s important to take some time to give your hair an added dose of nourishment. These at-home DIY hair masks are an easy and affordable way to hydrate your hair from the inside-out and combat damage in addition to encouraging hair growth. So next time you’re feeling a little stressed with wedding planning, just pour yourself a glass of wine, put on a hair mask, and let your worries slip away.

Paulina Prazmo @paulinapraz is wearing the Seamless Blonde Balayage set. Photographed by Lindsay Coulter @lcoulterphoto

Final words of advice

We talked to Kristina from Fancy Face, a beauty studio specializing in bridal hair and makeup to see if she had any final words of wisdom when it comes to growing your hair out for your wedding. Here’s what she had to say.

“Getting treatments done once a week and getting a trim every 8 weeks will help immensely! You want to avoid doing anything aggressive to the hair cuticle such as overuse of hot tools and overly bleaching your hair,” she says.

While these tips are extremely helpful and effective when it comes to growing out your hair, remember that it doesn’t happen overnight. Luckily, there’s always hair extensions if you’re looking to add extra volume or length to your hair without the wait. Still, try out these tips whether you’re about to walk down the aisle or not, as adapting good hair care habits will ensure your hair looks and feels healthy, strong, and beautiful.

Do you have any more hair growing tips for brides? Wondering how to style your hair for your big day? Let us know in the comments below. We love to hear from you!

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