Can I color, tone, or bleach my hair extensions?

So, you have a beautiful and unique hair color that doesn't quite match any of the shades we offer. No stress! Luxy Hair extensions are made of 100% remy human hair and can therefore be dyed a darker color or toned by a professional hair colorist. 

Wow! Really? So wait, what does remy human hair mean?

Remy hair is considered to be the finest quality of human hair because the cuticles are kept intact and not stripped, like in most other non-remy hair extensions. Preserving the hairs’ cuticles and aligning them in a unidirectional fashion creates extensions that are completely natural in appearance. This process ensures that the hair remains super soft, shiny, silky and completely tangle-free throughout its lifetime.

Luxy Hair extensions use only the finest quality of remy human hair, which means that the hair has been carefully sorted after collecting from the hair donor to ensure all the cuticles are of the same length. It is by far the best quality of clip in human hair extensions on the market because of the care that is required and the time it takes to sort the hair so meticulously. Click here to see how and where our products are made.

Got it. Now, what's the best way to color my extensions?

Being super mindful and careful with how your hair extensions are dyed is very important to ensuring the quality of the set is preserved. Naturally, dyeing or toning hair extensions can alter the quality of the set slightly, however, we'll provide you with the most important do's and don't's of dyeing your extensions to ensure your set lives a long and healthy life.


  • Test a one clip-weft first prior to dyeing the full set. This will help ensure you're satisfied with the results before moving on to the full set.
  • Always have a professional hair colorist work on your extensions. Ideally, someone who has had previous experience working with clip-in hair extensions.
  • Opt for a lighter set of extensions to dye darker, rather than a darker set of extensions to bleach lighter. Our extensions can withstand dark dye, but we never recommend to use bleach on the hair. 
  • Use a deep conditioning treatment on the extensions post-dye, to ensure that any lost moisture and nourishment is added back into the hair. 


  • Dye the entire set altogether – this can cause tangling within the set, and it also means that you have less control over the dye deposit. Dye one weft at a time so you have complete control over the outcome. 
  • Use any bleach on the extensions. Bleaching is a damaging process that will alter the quality of your set.
  • Try to dye the set yourself at home. Taking the extra step to have a professional work on your extensions will be a worthwhile investment. 


Since our Seamless extensions are made with silicone at the base to ensure that they are thin and flat, this material does not take to dye. If you dye your Seamless extensions, the silicone strip will remain its original colour after dyeing.

But if it's remy human hair, why can't I bleach it?

This is a valid question and one we get quite frequently. We're happy to answer it honestly.  

We do not recommend bleaching your Luxies as they have already been dyed at our manufacture, and forcing bleach on hair that has already been dyed can be difficult. Finding alternatives like increasing the concentration of bleach or leaving it in longer to soak will only lead to damaged hair. 

Also, keep in mind that the color may not come out as intended because of the existing hair dye. Any bleaching is done at the customer's own discretion and we cannot be held accountable if the results do not come out as intended. 

Got to see it to believe it? Check out these customer transformations with their dyed/toned Luxies.

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