I have short hair. Which set should I pick?

Clip-in hair extensions are a great resource for short-haired ladies who either got a haircut they regret, have difficulty growing out their own natural hair, or just want to have the option to rock both long and short hair whenever they want. 

Halo extensions on the other hand, are best for those who have below shoulder length hair and have a thin or medium hair type. We do not recommend the Halo extensions for those with short hair as you will need more wefts and hair to create a seamless blend. You can definitely wear the Halo in addition to a full set of clip-in Luxy Hair extensions (180g Seamless or 220g Classic).

How long should my hair be?

We recommend for your hair to be at least 6-7 inches (this is around shoulder length) in order for clip-in hair extensions to blend naturally. If your hair is any shorter, you may experience some trouble with hiding the wefts in your hair. 

So, which set should I pick?

Which set you opt for will depend on if you are looking for volume or volume and length.

Generally speaking, we always recommend opting for one of our heavier sets. Why? This will help ensure that there are enough wefts and hair to create a seamless and natural transition where your real hair ends and the extensions begin. Otherwise, opting for a set too lightweight will result in the extensions appearing stringy or unnatural looking – like below. This is, arguably, every girl's nightmare. 

Volume vs Volume & Length

With Off Black Luxy Hair extensions


With Off Black Luxy Hair extensions

Volume & Length

If you have fine hair (both in strands and in amount) you should opt for:

With Blonde Balayage Luxy Hair extensions

With Off Black Balayage Luxy Hair extensions


If you have medium to thick hair (this includes those who have fine hair strands but a lot of them) you should opt for:

With Jet Black Luxy Hair extensions


If you have a lob or blunt haircut, you should opt for:

With Chestnut Brown Luxy Hair extensions

Ombre Chestnut Luxy Hair extensions

If you have a lot of hair

With Dirty Blonde Luxy Hair extensions


How do I blend them with my short hair?

Naturally, those with short hair will have to put in a bit more work in order to have their extensions blend in naturally than say, someone with long hair who is simply looking for volume over length. A big misconception a lot of our short-haired customers have is that they can simply clip in their Luxies straight out of the box and it will look natural. While some ladies can pull this off, we typically have to remind our short-haired customers that they will have to put in a bit of work to ensure their extensions look as natural as possible. 

How, you ask? Check out this helpful support article that goes over tips and tricks to blend. 

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We're here to help! Please email our Support team at info@luxyhair.com with a recent selfie taken in natural lighting with no direct sunlight, where we can see your hair from top to bottom, and with no filters added - similar to the photo below.

For customer transformations, please check out our @luxyhairlove Instagram account. 

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