I have short hair. Which set should I pick?

Clip-in hair extensions are a great resource for short haired ladies who either got a haircut they regret, have difficulty growing out their own natural hair, or just want to have the option to rock both long and short hair whenever they want. 

As a kind reminder, we recommend for your hair to be at least 6-7 inches (this is around shoulder length) in order for clip-in hair extensions to blend naturally. If your hair is any shorter, you may experience some trouble with hiding the wefts in your hair. 

So, which set should I pick?

Which set you opt for will largely depend on your hair thickness, however, generally speaking, we always recommend to opt for one of our heavier sets. Why? This will help ensure that there are enough wefts and hair to create a seamless and natural transition where your real hair ends and the extensions begin. Otherwise, opting for a set too lightweight will result in the extensions appearing stringy or unnatural looking – like below. This is, arguably, every girl's nightmare. 

If you have short and fine hair...

If you have short and fine hair (both in strands and in amount) you should opt for:


If you have short and medium/thick hair...

If you have short and medium to thick hair (this includes those who have fine hair strands but a lot of them) you should opt for:


Naturally, those with short hair will have to put in a bit more work in order to have their extensions blend in naturally than say, someone with long hair who is simply looking for volume over length. A big misconception a lot of our short-haired customers have is that they can simply clip in their Luxies straight out of the box and it will look natural. While some ladies can pull this off, we typically have to remind our short-haired customers that they will have to put in a bit of work to ensure their extensions look as natural as possible. 

How, you ask? We'll share a few of our tips and tricks that have worked best for many of our short-haired customers. 

If you're a visual learner, check out Milana's video below where she shows how to clip in, trim and layer her 220g Ash Blonde Luxy Hair extensions which she's had custom-toned to match her hair color perfectly. 

  • Trim and/or layer your extensions. While it may seem like a waste to cut off hair that you've purchased, it is so important to achieving that natural flow so it's not obvious where your real hair ends and the extensions begin. We also recommend to have the extensions cut by an experienced hair stylist while the set is in your hair. It will also be helpful for you to number the wefts so you know exactly which weft goes where. 
  • Pick the right color of hair extensions. Well, obviously! Ok, ok – the reason we have this point in here is mostly for the ladies out there who are rocking an ombre or balayage trend. If you have multiple different shades in your hair, it's best to opt for a color that matches the ends of your hair. Even if you have a darker root color, majority of the wefts will be applied at the crown of your head. So, if you have blonde ends and you're eyeing our Ombre Blonde shade because you too also have dark roots – our Dirty Blonde shade may actually be a better fit. Not sure? Email our Support team at info@luxyhair.com. We're here to help.
  • Curl your extensions into your hair. This is a great hack. Taking small sections of your extensions and combining them with a section from your own hair and curling them together will help blur that line differentiating your hair from the extensions. Here we have a great selection of tutorials on different techniques of curling your hair and extensions.


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