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inches / gram Must-Have Tools Bundle $179 USD $202 USD What's a bundle?
What is a Volume Bundle?

A volume bundle consists of a full set plus an additional single 4-clip Volumizer weft.

Who should choose a Volume Bundle?
Short Hair
Thick Hair
Blunt Hair
Extra Volume Seekers
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We believe you deserve the very best. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to consistently deliver the best, highest quality products, you can rest assured Luxy guarantees true luxury.

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All prices on the website include FREE standard shipping to applicable countries. Your clip-in Luxy Hair extensions ship from our warehouse in Utah (USA). You can exchange or refund your order within 60 days.

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Signature Curler

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Curls for days, that hold for days

Signature Curler

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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Can I exchange or return my Accessory?

    Our hair accessories (ties/scrunchies, clips & headbands), Compact Mirror, Hair Extensions Application Kit, Extensions Carrier, Loop Hair Extensions Brush & Deluxe Hair Extensions Styler are final sale. Thank you for your understanding.

    As long as the Luxy Hair Signature Curler, heat protectant glove & heat resistant mat haven't been used, you can start a return here within 60 days of purchase.

  • Can I return the Luxy Hair Signature Curler?
    Yes, as long as the Luxy Hair Signature Curler, heat protectant glove & heat resistant mat haven't been used, you can start a return here within 60 days of purchase.

    Please note that each Luxy Hair Signature Curler comes with a one year warranty from the date of purchase. If your Luxy Hair Signature Curler is defective in workmanship or materials, please click here for more information & to begin the process.
  • What is the Luxy Hair Signature Curler?


    • 7.2-inch extra-long length barrel with a cool-touch tip
    • Ceramic & tourmaline 1-inch width barrel that reduces hair breakage/damage, offers even heat distribution, prevents frizz, & enhances shine
    • Comes with a heat protectant glove & heat resistant mat
    • Packaged in our signature magnetic Luxy black box that you can use to store it when not in use
    • 360° swivel power cord that is 8 foot 2-inches long
    • 1-hour auto safety shut-off function
    • Safety stands
      • Allows the wand to rest on the table without touching/burning the table surface
    • Digital LED temperature display with temperature control + / -
      • 11 temperature settings up to 450°F
      • The lowest heat setting (250°F) is the recommended maximum temperature to be used on your Luxy Hair extensions
      • Heats up within 30 seconds
    • Worldwide voltage 100-240V 50/60Hz
      • It contains a special electronic circuit that automatically converts it from 100 to 240 volts AC 50/60Hz. It will automatically adjust to the proper voltage. Use an adapter plug with correct configuration prior to use in the outlet.
    • Limited one year warranty
      • For more information, click here.
  • Does the Luxy Hair Signature Curler have a warranty?

    Limited One Year Warranty Terms & Conditions

    Each Luxy Hair Signature Curler comes with a one year warranty. Luxy Hair will repair or replace (at our discretion) your unit free of charge for 12 months from the date of purchase if the Luxy Hair Signature Curler is defective in workmanship or materials.

    Warranty Exclusions

    • This limited warranty does not cover products damaged by any of the following:
    • Damage due to misuse or abuse, such as incorrect voltage supply, dropping, or failure to follow enclosed instructions
    • Tampering, such as repair or attempt to repair by the user or by a third party
    • Use with unauthorized accessories
    • Wrapping the cord around the Luxy Hair Signature Curler, causing premature wear & breakage
    • Theft or loss of product
    • Any other conditions beyond our control
    • Only products purchased directly from Luxy Hair or an authorized Luxy Hair retailer with a valid proof of purchase are eligible for a replacement under this policy. Keep your original sales receipt as proof of purchase for warranty purposes

    Starting The Process

    Please email your order details along with a short description of the product issue to - our Luxy Hair Support team will be happy to help!

  • Which temperature is recommended for each hair type?


    Hair Type

    Up to 250℉
    For Luxy Hair 100% remy human hair extensions
    Up to 300℉ For fine, damaged and/or chemically treated hair
    Up to 375℉ For average to thick, and/or easy-to-curl hair
    Up to 450℉ For very thick, coarse and/or hard-to-curl hair

    The Luxy Hair Signature Curler heats up within 30 seconds. Hold each curl for 5-10 seconds (depending on the thickness of your hair).

  • How to curl with the Luxy Hair Signature Curler

    #1 Hair should be clean, dry, or nearly dry, & free of tangles before using.

    #2 Set the wand to your desired temperature, based on your hair type here. The Luxy Hair Signature Curler heats up within 30 seconds. Test a small section of your hair before using it.

    #3 Wear the heat protectant glove on the hand you will use to wrap your hair around the wand.

    #4 Hold the wand over your head with the cool touch tip pointing downwards & wrap a section of hair around the barrel. For tighter curls, wrap a thinner section of hair. For looser curls, wrap a thicker section of hair. Curls will vary depending on your hair length.

    #5 Finish with the end of the hair section against the tip of the wand. Hold each curl for 5-10 seconds (depending on the thickness of your hair). Slide the wand out to release the curl.

    #6 Repeat steps #5 and #6 until your head is fully styled. Gently tug on the curl or lightly brush it out using a wide-toothed comb if loose curls are desired.

    #7 Use your favorite hairspray to complete the look and hold the style.

  • Does the Luxy Hair Signature Curler have any care instructions?

    Your Luxy Hair Signature Curler is virtually maintenance-free. It contains no user-serviceable parts and no lubrication is needed.

    User Maintenance Instructions

    • Keep all vents and openings clear of dust, dirt, & hairspray.

    • If cleaning becomes necessary, disconnect the Luxy Hair Signature Curler from the power source, let it cool, & wipe the exterior with a dry or lightly damp cloth.

    • Do not use sharp or abrasive detergents or corrosive products on the wand.

    • When not in use it should be disconnected, allowed to cool, & stored in a safe, dry location out of reach of children.

    • You can machine wash & dry the heat protectant glove.

    • Do not jerk or strain cord at plug connections. Allow the cord to hang or lie loose and straight at the point of entry into the wand.

    • Never allow the cord to be pulled or twisted. Never wrap the cord around the Luxy Hair Signature Curler since this will cause the cord to wear prematurely and break. Damage will occur at the high flex point of entry into the wand, causing it to rupture and short circuit. Store the cord loosely coiled. If the cord becomes twisted, untwist it prior to use. Inspect the cord frequently for damage. Stop use immediately if damage is visible or if the unit stops or operates intermittently.

    • If any malfunction occurs, unplug the Luxy Hair Signature Curler, and allow it to cool. No repairs should be attempted by you. If the wand purchased is within the 1-year warranty, please reach out to for assistance.

    Keep Away From Water

    Everyone knows that electricity and water are a dangerous combination. But did you know that an electric appliance is still electrically live even if the switch is off? If the plug is in, the power is on. So when you are not using your Luxy Hair Signature Curler, keep it unplugged.

    Do not use this wand near bathtubs, showers, basins or other vessels containing water or other liquids. Never place the wand in water or any other liquid.

  • What is a Luxy Hair Extensions Carrier?

    The Luxy Hair Extensions Carrier is a carefully crafted storage case made from sustainable materials. We created this carrier with you in mind to help safely store your hair extensions and prolong its lifespan, ease when styling, and convenience while traveling. Inside the Extensions Carrier, you will find a care label tag with cleaning instructions.

  • What is the Luxy Hair Extensions Carrier and Hanger made of?

    Our Hanger is made of 100% bamboo, which is a much more sustainable resource than wood, and it’s just as strong. Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on Earth, and is grown without pesticides or chemical fertilizers which does not cause harm to the environment.

  • How do I store my hair extensions in a Luxy Hair Extensions Carrier?

    To store your hair extensions, fold down the hook to open up the hanger, place your extensions onto the hanger with the hanger bar below the wefts, and lift the hook to close the hanger. Your hair extensions should feel secured once the hanger is closed. Then, simply unzip the Luxy Hair Extensions Carrier, slide it into the Carrier and move the hanger through the opening at the top. Once your hair extensions are neatly situated in, you may zip up the case and hang it in your closet for future use. Or, if you’re travelling, you can fold the hanger, roll the carrier up, button up the carrier, and tuck it into your luggage without it unravelling. Travelling with hair extensions just became so much more easier!

  • What are the benefits to storing my hair extensions in a Luxy Hair Extensions Carrier?

    Storing your hair extensions in our Luxy Hair Extensions Carrier has many benefits.

    • It helps to prevent any tangles or kinks that may develop in the hair if it’s been wrapped up and stored a certain way. Since your hair extensions will be hanging in their natural formit helps maintain its shape longer, which is great if you’ve styled the extensions and want to maintain the look for as long as possible.
    • If you’ve washed your hair extensions, you may hang them to dry using the Hanger provided.
    • Styling the extensions is much more efficient when they are secured on a hanger. You can then curl, straighten, and braid them with ease.
    • It’s now incredibly easy to travel with your hair extensions stored in our Carrier. Simply fold the hanger, roll up the carrier, button it up, and tuck it into your luggage — it’s quick and hassle-free!
  • How long does shipping take?

    It will take 1 business day to process your order, regardless of the shipping option selected at checkout. If your order is placed by 4pm EST, it will ship the same day. If your order is placed after 4pm EST, your order will ship the next day.

    We ship Monday through Friday, excluding weekends and holidays. We cannot guarantee Saturday delivery, even if your shipping is upgraded to express. Shipping times will depend on your location. For more information, please click here.

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