Balayage & Ombre Hair Extensions

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Experiment with color and add sun-kissed dimension to your hair with Seamless Balayage Luxy Hair extensions and our two choices of Ombre. No commitment, no dye, no damage. Length: 20 inches. Weight: 180 grams.

Seamless Chocolate Brown Balayage

Seamless Off Black Balayage

Seamless Chestnut Brown Balayage

Seamless Blonde Balayage

Seamless Ombre Chestnut

Seamless Ombre Blonde

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Balayage?

    Balayage is a specific coloring technique. It was derived in France and is translated to ‘sweeping’. Balayage is a beautiful, dimensional look that includes highlights throughout the hair, with a higher concentration towards the ends.

  • Will Balayage extensions work, even if my hair isn’t balayage?

    Yes. Clip-in extensions are a great way to experiment with color, without the full-time commitment or damage to your natural hair. In order for the extensions to blend, we recommend ensuring that your hair matches the root color of the extensions.

  • Will Balayage extensions work if my hair is short?

    Our Seamless Balayage Luxies will work for those with a fine hair type and a small amount of hair. For best results, your hair should be about 6-7 inches in length for the extensions to blend naturally (that's about shoulder length). For those with a blunt/lob haircut or an average-thick hair type, you will need to add a Volumizer Weft to your full set. Alternatively, you can opt for a solid colored 220g Classic set.

  • Are your Balayage colors available in sample swatches?

    No, we do not offer our sample swatches in our Balayage shades at this time.

    All Luxies, however, have a sample weft stored in the small compartment at the bottom of the box. This weft can be used to determine if the shade is a good match. If the shade is not an ideal match, we are more than happy to accommodate a return or exchange as long as the main compartment of your Luxy box has not been opened and the golden security seal has not been tampered with.

    Please be sure to check out: How do I choose the right color of Balayage extensions?

  • What collection are the Balayage extensions offered in?

    All of our Balayage shades are offered exclusively in our Seamless collection. They come in a standard weight of 180 grams.

  • Can I cut the Balayage extensions shorter?

    Yes. Like all of our extensions, our balayage sets can be cut, trimmed and layered. The more you cut from the ends, however, the more it will take away from the balayage effect at the bottom.

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