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Pump Up the Volume: How to Use Hair Extensions for Volume

by Alice on January 15, 2019

If your hair is fine and flat naturally, like mine, then you can use extensions to fix this problem without any harm to your own hair. I mostly use extensions for volume and love the versatility they offer. If you thought extensions were just for length, think again, because extensions work as well for volume as they do for length.

The best thing about using hair extensions is that they offer you the freedom to use them for your individual problems, being that length, volume or just an added touch of color.

Irresistible Me is one of the few high end extensions brands that offer extensions in lengths starting at 14 inches, so even if you love your hair length or have short hair you can still find lengths that work for you. You don’t have to buy a longer length and waste money cutting it after.

If you lack in the volume department, like me, then keep reading to find out how to use hair extensions to give your locks a boost.


Style your hair extensions for volume

The best and also the easiest way to add volume to your hair is styling the extensions in beautiful curls. You can use a curling wand, an automatic curler or even a hair straightener to get the desired curls. As a bonus, this also helps a LOT with blending.


Use styling products especially designed for volume

There are so many products out there specially designed to give you that va-va-voom effect, so why not take advantage of them? Besides the obvious effect, these types of products also help a lot when installing the extensions because they provide a grip for the extensions to hold on to. As a bonus, they can also help with blending by keeping your own hair and the extensions from falling apart. I usually use dry shampoo when installing my extensions, but you can use whatever product works for your hair type.


Use a volumising weft

If your hair is quite thin and a full set of extensions are just too much for you, then just use the IrresistibleMe Signature weft. This one piece, 4 clips weft will provide an instant boost of natural looking volume.


Clip in your hair extensions upside down

I know this may sound tricky but it’s really not that complicated. This is a great tip especially if you want to wear your hair up and want to add volume to it. Just place the clip-in upside down against your roots as opposed to flat on the hairline like you normally do. That’s it! You should get a lot of natural looking volume! 


Try a trim

If you have extensions that are longer then your hair and want to use them just for volume, think about cutting them to match your length. You can do it at home but we recommend going to a stylist to make sure you get the desired result. On top of giving you natural looking volume, cutting the extensions to match your length also helps with blending.



Hair extensions are amazing in their versatility and there are a lot of ways to use them for volume, but it all depends on what works for you. If you have other tricks that you use that were not mentioned here, please let us know!


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