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    The Irresistible Me Detangler Brush

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      The Irresistible Me Hair Detangler is designed to help you safely and easily detangle your hair and your extensions with a minimum of shedding. Its ergonomic design fits perfectly in your palm, for smooth motions that will get rid of any knots or tangles. The Irresistible Me Hair Detangler will glide through the hair without any tugging.

      The bristles are created to undo even the toughest tangles without any pain. The unique design of the brush helps separate the hairs gently.

      Brushing your hair with the Irresistible Me Hair Detangler smooths the cuticles giving it a healthy shine.

      In just a few moments, your hair and your extensions can be snag free and fabulous!

      • Perfect for detangling difficult hair without pain
      • Glides through hair extensions
      • No hair breakage
      • Minimizes shedding
      • Ergonomic design
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