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    Tape In Extensions - Golden Blonde (#14)

    $55.30 $79.00

      Tape in hair extensions are an innovative, semi-permanent option to add natural volume and length to your hair.

      • Ready-to-apply.
      • Handmade with 100% Human Remy Hair.
      • Double drawn (consistent thickness from top to tips).
      • Reusable small wefts for invisible blending.
      • Made-in-USA glue.
      • Can be heat-styled, cut, colored and curled.

      They come in packs of 20 strips of hair, 1.5 inches wide each that you can use to create 10 bounds (sandwiches). Depending on what you want (volume, length or both),  you will need 2-4 packs for a full head look.

        Not 100% sure this color is right for you?

        Send us a picture of your hair in natural light (email help@irresistibleme.com) to get help on choosing the right color.

        • Available in 12 wonderful colors
        • Pre-taped and cut into smaller strips for flexibility
        • Reusable - can be re-taped easily
        • Undetectable & ultra-comfortable
        • Super-fast to apply and 100% non-damaging 


        • 50 grams sets - 20 strips (X1.5” each) for the following length options 14", 16", 20"
        • 70 grams sets - 20 strips (X1.5” each) for the following length options 24", 28"

        One of the 20 strips in the set will come as a sample – you can take it out of the small section of the package and make sure you like it before opening the big section of the package with the rest of the strips. Once you take all of them out, you will not be able to return or exchange them.

        Using hair products that contain sulfates may interfere with the glue, and the tapes can lose their adhesiveness. While wearing tape-in extensions, use only products that are sulfate-free.

        We have 12 different colors to choose from. You can combine several colors to create a highlighted or multidimensional look without any damage to your hair. Great for those who are in between shades and need more than one color for a perfect blend. Irresistible Me hair is dyed with a technique that ensures a multi-tonal effect but if your hair has more than 3 shades, highlights or lowlights, you should consider getting packs in different colors.

        Depending on how good your hair care routine is and how much you style your hair, your tape in extensions can be removed and re-taped for a second and maybe even a third application.

        You will have to change the tape every 1-1.5 months because your hair will grow and the extensions will get lower on your head. Also, after repeated washing, the adhesive can lose some of its properties and the extensions can slide down.

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