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Christmas Sale Sale
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  • Versatile hair settings – has three variable temperatures for different hair thickness (380°F/190°C, 410°F/210°C and 450°F/230°C).
  • Three timer settings for different curl effects (8 sec. for loose curls, 10 sec. for soft curls, and 12 sec. for more defined curls).
  • No frizzy hair - the nano-titanium & ceramic technology reduces frizz and flyaways and protect hair from damage.
  • Precision styling - professional brushless motor with safety sensors for tangle-free curls.
  • High-performance heater for instant and even heat-up and recovery.
  • Curl direction control - Right, Left and Automatic rotation for either a uniform or natural look.
  • Can be used with or without the steam function.
  • It has an auto standby feature after 60 minutes.
  • Dual Voltage 110-240V, 50/60HZ
  • 7ft. (2.15m) swivel cord
  • Accessories: Plastic water bottle; cleaning brush.
  • 1 year limited warranty

The Moonstone Automatic Steam Curler gives you a better, faster way to create perfect, consistent curls. 

The curling chamber heats the hair from all directions while the steam helps seal nourishing moisture for gorgeous, beach waves. The titanium coating enhances its durability and heat transfer, unlike conventional ceramic irons.

The Irresistible Me Moonstone will become your go-to curler for nights out on the town, hot dates, or even business meetings.

Don’t just settle for curling your hair the old-fashioned way. The Irresistible Me Moonstone steam curler will make your life so much easier!

See how it works

Our clip-in hair extensions are easy to use. Anyone can install them adding instant length and volume in just minutes.
We use small but sturdy clips that allow a secure, pull-free grip. The clips and wefts are not bulky so that you can conceal them with ease.

Customer Reviews (16)

16 Reviews

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Don't be afraid!

by Drea

When I first got it, I was super scared my hair might get caught up in it. I read all the safety instructions and it worked great. I use really small sections and I can get nice, tight curls. They look really cute and if I run my fingers through my hair, I open the curls, and I can get larger curls, even when I use small sections.

Good for beginners

by Xenia

I almost got the hang using a wand, but I got overconfident and I started burning my skin on regular basis. This automatic curler was my last hope and I am sooooo happy I got it. Now I have curls whenever I want without injuries.

Steam option rocks

by Carrie

I used it with and without the steam option and my curls lasted longer and looked healthier when I used steam. I hope that makes it safer for my hair because I am going to use it quite often. I just love the result!

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