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    Black Diamond Infrared Hair Straightener

    $59.00 $119.00


      Latest-generation Infrared Digital Styling Iron featuring rose gold titanium coated plates that enhance its durability and heat transfer unlike conventional irons.

      The negative ions emitted from the ionic generator seal in natural oils, moisture and color in the hair, giving you beautifully styled, frizz free, naturally shiny hair. The styling will last longer against air humidity and everyday stress.


       High tech plates that conduct uniform heat through each individual hair strand

      • Maintains the temperature constant throughout the styling session
      • Frizz free
      • No hair snagging
      • Precision and safety - steady grip and to avoid burning the fingers
      • Prevents accidental settings change
      • Perfect for international travelling
      • Excellent storage in its original box
      • Appropriate for different hair thicknesses


       ▪  Infrared rays projected from the top plate combined with the Ultra Violet frequency from the bottom plate generate uniform heat so styling is fast and safe

      ▪  Dynamic Alignment System - advanced design feature that self-adjusts the plates to provide perfect contact with the hair eliminating any damaging pressure points so that the iron can glide through the hair smoothly, without pulling or breakage.

      ▪  Ionic Generator and Ion Booster – amplifies the effect of negative ion conditioning by increasing their release. Negative ion technology maintains moisture and eliminates frizz by sealing the hair’s cuticle while boosting shine

      ▪  Top-of-the-line microprocessor - it will automatically adjust to the supplied voltage so you can take it with you anywhere

      ▪  Turbo heat boosting – each time you pass your hair through the plates, the temperature goes down by 40F. This technology reduces the time needed to return to the optimal temperature to almost zero. Maintaining constant temperature throughout the styling session is a crucial aspect of a styling iron’s performance.

      ▪  Cool tips for a steady grip and to avoid burning the fingers

      ▪  Buttons on the inside of the flat iron to avoid accidental settings change

      ▪  Intelligent heat display – LED screen - temperature display in Celsius or Fahrenheit, depending on the supplied voltage

      ▪ Fast heating (450F/230C, up to 15 seconds)

      ▪  Auto shutoff in 30 minutes

      ▪  Lightweight with a 1'' floating plates

      ▪  360° swivel cord  that is 8ft. (2.5m) long

      ▪  Beautifully designed box with magnetic closing

      ▪  1 year limited warranty

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